The legendary hard rock band from Zimabawe with their own treatment of the blues classic on the RetroFresh label.

Are Beyoncé and Taylor Swift going to give us a duet for Christmas?

Jay Z is reportedly very keen for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift to work on a collaboration in the near future.

Madonna calls album leak a 'form of terrorism'

Madonna has attracted criticism after comparing the leak of her yet-to-be-announced album as "artistic rape"
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Justin Timberlake rocks out at summer camp

Apparently Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon have been BFF’s for a very long time.

Selena Gomez was a real party pooper at Taylor's b-day bash!

Selena Gomez reportedly got emotional over her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, at Taylor Swift's 25th birthday party.
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Mariah Carey had a horrible night on stage!

Mariah Carey lost a shoe, dropped her microphone pack and cried while performing the first of six New York residency dates.
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Angel Tears

Widely rated as one of the best hard rock bands ever on the SA scene, with a track off their top-selling album, A Crush On Revelation, on the Authentic label.

This is the model of the future!

We had a few beers with Fokof!

Getting day drunk with Fokofpolisiekar

It’s the Fokofpolisiekar boys. With a cooler box. Filled with their new beer. For us to taste, drink and be merry.

The model of the future is not what you’d expect

Viktoria Modesta is a hot new model and pop artist like no other you've seen.
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Red Herring

A wonderful song off the 6-track EP, Authenticity, by Shaz (vocals) and Sunny (guitar), the members of this popular acoustic folk rock duo from Durban.

Simon Cowell is worried about 1D!

Simon Cowell has warned One Direction to slow down.

Ariana Grande almost died

Ariana Grande has revealed that she ''almost died'' when she slipped at this year's Jingle Ball.
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We had a chat with the Pet Shop Boys

I’m on the phone with Neil. Neil Tennant. Neil from the Pet Shop Boys.
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