10-year-old girl wearing explosives belt arrested

Abuja - Nigeria on Wednesday said it had arrested a 10-year-old girl with explosives strapped to her body in northern Katsina state, as neighbouring Kano was hit by a female suicide bomber for the fourth time in a week.

"Security forces on Tuesday 29 July... arrested three suspects believed to be members of Boko Haram," including a "10-year-old" girl, government spokesperson Mike Omeri said in a statement.

The "10-year-old...was discovered to have been strapped with an explosive belt," he said.

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Lethabo Ka Makgoba 2014/07/31 06:00:44 AM
This is true child abuse at its worst! This is a religious problem, it would seem that Nigeria parents had been white washed by religion and greed; but to send a child to her certain death is blurry evil. Now I'm convinced that a religion which never opposed slavery is devilish to the core, but hey is just one of Africa's business.
art 2014/07/31 06:03:29 AM
With the latest string of female suicide bombers from Boko Haram the thought that keeps popping into my mind is who are these females, are they perhaps not the kidnapped girls that are now being used for this purpose.
Nobby Poltice 2014/07/31 06:26:34 AM
The logical outcome of Islamic teachings. Why are the Muslims not commenting on this article. Oh, I see. Much too busy whining about the big bad Israelis.
Fiona Hickman 2014/07/31 07:07:43 AM
Yes that's right, arrest the 10 year old girl because I am sure she strapped those explosives around her little body all by herself! She should be taken into protective custody, not arrested. Boko haram are truly insane.
Irie Payaka 2014/07/31 07:32:59 AM
Hey! Where are all those idiots who have been very critical of the war Israeli is wadging on the terrorist (Hamas), they even went onto the streets protesting .its clear if its a non-Muslim is the victim they dont care 100 times happy. How can they do such unthinkable thing 10yr girl? You really dont knw who created you and who should be praised.you follow wrong teachings.
Lorenzo Bessick 2014/07/31 09:14:46 AM
Are you serious!!!!
Daisy Jones 2014/07/31 09:57:10 AM
Oh my goodness, this poor child almost died for something she doesn't even understand. How sick are these people. God does NOT call for the killing of the innocent, especially children.
Victor Fedrick 2014/07/31 11:56:01 AM
Where is saudi arabia king
Perter Damingo 2014/08/01 09:18:59 AM
news24 at it once again deleting comments Do you others also experience the moderation