Botswana on high alert as Ebola registered in DRC

Cape Town – Botswana is reportedly on high alert following reports that the Democratic Republic of Congo has registered two Ebola cases.

GabzFM News tweeted on Tuesday that the country had closed its borders to travellers from the DRC to prevent the spread of the disease.

DRC on Monday confirmed its two first cases of Ebola this year, but claimed they were unrelated to the epidemic raging in four countries of West Africa.

The confirmation marked the seventh outbreak of Ebola in DRC, where the virus was first identified in 1976, near the a river after which it is named.

According to a statement published in, Botswana on Monday said it was implementing public health interventions to prevent the disease into the country.

"One of the interventions undertaken includes entry restrictions on visitors who have been to countries affected by the disease in the last three months," read part of the statement.

The Botswana government, however maintained there were no Ebola cases reported in the country so far.

The southern African country advised its public to avoid or postpone travel to Ebola affected countries, adding that the ministry of health would continue to monitor the situation at all levels, a StarAfrica report said.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/26 11:08:37 AM
Slowly making its way down to SA
John Greystoke 2014/08/26 11:09:03 AM
Forever creeping closer and closer, soon it will be here, then ALL of us is going to die, drowning in our own blood. Repent your sins before it is too late!
Sonnyboy Mathebula 2014/08/26 11:17:05 AM
jo jo joooo SOUTH AFRICA we are the next!
Chase Cameron 2014/08/26 11:24:42 AM
Only a matter of time before it gets here... We'll all be dead by Xmas.
SunshinyDay 2014/08/26 11:32:58 AM
I'm very curious about the way the disease is spreading... no cases have been reported in countries such as Chad, Burkina Faso, Gabon, etc. (as far as I know) and those are all neighbouring countries of the affected areas. Have those countries closed their borders, are they just not reporting any cases?
Liz Rudy 2014/08/26 11:35:35 AM
Botswana - one of the very few governments that are properly run in Africa
Jurgen Eksteen 2014/08/26 11:36:30 AM
It WILL spread through the whole of Africa eventually so the best way forward is to prepare for its arrival and have everything in place in order to minimize its fallout.
Carling Blacklabel 2014/08/26 11:58:38 AM
doomsday preppers get ready! stock up on tins of chakalaka, veg curry and baked beans...dont forget the cabbage and spinach after showering too
Pamela Mika 2014/08/26 01:19:00 PM
With our VERY porous borders, only a matter of time.. I bet our pres is going to have a lot of meetings oversees in the next few months
Felix Bandi Fbilynx 2014/08/26 01:39:03 PM
Nou better be extra careful