Ebola WHO employee will be flown to Hamburg

Berlin - An employee of the World Health Organisation (WHO) who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone will be flown to the German city of Hamburg for treatment, a spokesperson for the city said.

Rico Schmidt, spokesperson for the Hamburg health senate, said the patient would arrive later on Wednesday and be treated at Hamburg university clinic's tropical medicine institute. The WHO in Geneva said the patient was a Senegalese epidemiologist.

One of the deadliest diseases known to man, Ebola is transmitted by contact with body fluids and the current outbreak has killed at least 120 healthcare workers.

The WHO has deployed nearly 400 of its own staff and partner organisations to fight the epidemic of the highly contagious hemorrhagic fever, which has struck Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria.

On Tuesday, it said it had shut a laboratory in Sierra Leone after a Senegalese medic there became infected.

At least 1 427 people have died and 2 615 have been infected since the disease was detected deep in the forests of southeastern Guinea in March.
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Chase Cameron 2014/08/27 11:30:06 AM
It's like the world is just asking for trouble. Flying infected people into clean areas.
Alta Van Niekerk 2014/08/27 02:56:18 PM
These figures of 1427 dead and 2615 infected have been cited for the past number of days. Surely these figures must have changed by now, or can't they keep track of the number of infections and deaths any longer?