Lagos Ebola victim infects 8 more

Lagos - Lagos has eight suspected cases of Ebola, all in people who came into contact with Nigeria's first victim who died last month, the health commissioner said on Tuesday, with one case confirmed.

Authorities have been monitoring anyone who came into close contact with Patrick Sawyer, a Liberia and US citizen who died of Ebola in Lagos last month shortly after arriving at the airport. The second confirmed case was a doctor who looked after him.

Health Commissioner Jide Idris also said a further six people who had made contact with Sawyer had been quarantined but were not showing symptoms.

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Buzzbar 2014/08/05 05:04:15 PM
8 suspected cases (1 dead, 1 confirmed, 6 possible), NOT 8 confirmed cases. Typical OBE reporting from news24
Bento Maepa 2014/08/05 05:28:46 PM
God have mercy on us.
Daniel 2014/08/05 05:52:52 PM
Jakes Commentator 2014/08/05 06:10:46 PM
While not trying to detract from the seriousness of Ebola, if you do a bit of searching on the web, you will see that this article has been copied almost word for word from one that appeared in an online Nigerian paper. That would make it not "bad reporting", but "thoughtless copying and pasting" by News24.
Helen Sanya 2014/08/06 01:08:20 AM
@ Gabs, Shame on you!