Egypt arrests orphanage head over torture

Cairo - Egypt arrested the head of a Cairo orphanage on Monday after a video showing him allegedly beating young children triggered outrage on social media, officials said.

The footage shared widely on sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter shows a man said to be Osama Mohamed Othman hitting the children with a stick and kicking them as they ran away, screaming in pain.

State-run Al-Ahram newspaper said Othman's estranged wife filmed the video two months ago.

"He used to beat the children and that's why I filmed him and uploaded it online in order to expose him," Elham Eid Awad was quoted as saying.

The allegations sparked anger online, where many people called for justice.

The prosecution said it had referred Othman to trial, and that he could be jailed for three years if found guilty. Security officials said Othman had been charged with "torturing " 13 children at the orphanage.

The prosecution said some children had accused Othman of beating them for failing to seek his permission to watch television.

Mohamed Faruk, a senior Cairo security official, said on television that during questioning, Othman justified his actions by saying he had been trying to teach the children "a lesson" as they were playing with electrical devices and he feared for their lives.

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Joe Dow 2014/08/04 09:10:35 PM
Poor children. They are already orphaned, and now they must endure this torturing as well. May justice prevail.
Maria Carroll 2014/08/04 09:28:47 PM
This is awful, I hope the man responsible is brought to justice and punished.
Clint Warren 2014/08/04 09:33:52 PM
Let this c**t sit in an Egyptian jail.
Bento Maepa 2014/08/04 09:48:29 PM
Orphanages have never been good places - refer Oliver Twist. These are places which seem to bring out the worst in the childcarers. Whatever issues they have from outside they act them out on the poor children.
Enig Ma 2014/08/04 11:30:34 PM
I am very much anti capital punishment, but this man...hmmmm, perhaps let the lynching squad warm up.
Paul Hansmeyer 2014/08/05 08:15:03 AM
A baseball bat across his body sounds good.