Kenya anti-terror police accused of abuses

Nairobi - An international human rights group says there is strong evidence that the Kenya anti-terror police unit has carried out a series of extra-judicial killings and enforced disappearances.

Human Rights Watch said on Monday that research conducted between November and June documented at least 10 cases of unlawful killings and 10 cases of enforced disappearances carried out by the anti-terror police. The rights group says it also documented 11 cases of mistreatment and harassment of terrorism suspects.

Suspects were shot dead in public places, abducted from vehicles and courtrooms, beaten badly during arrest, detained in isolated blocks and denied contact with their families and access to lawyers, the group says.

The counter-terrorism police unit receives significant support and training from the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Michael Ndalama Mwale 2014/08/18 10:01:19 PM
Human Rights Watch makes me sick with its support of terrorists. It now seems to have assumed a role as the voice and defender of terrorists. War against terrorism is a complicated and dangerous affair, so dangerous that at times it is better to kill one terrorist before he or she kills multitudes of innocent civilians. I think it's time Human Rights Watch was exposed for its pro-terrorist agenda before it is too late, for even in Nigeria it seems to be concerned with the welfare of arrested Boko Haram terrorists!
Kelly O'Neill 2014/08/18 10:09:59 PM
I agree Michael, terrorists do not deliberate, argue or apply mercy and grace when they attack innocent people!
Alan Yates 2014/08/18 10:18:31 PM
HRW is biased in favour of Islam. It is probably financed by OIC money.