Libya warns UN of possible slide into civil war

New York - Libya warned the UN Security Council on Wednesday that the chaotic North African state could descend into full-scale civil war if heavily armed warring factions are not disarmed.

The 15-nation council met to discuss Libya days after its parliament, which was replaced in an election in June, reconvened and chose an Islamist-backed deputy as the new prime minister. That left the country with two rival leaders and assemblies, each backed by armed factions.

"The situation in Libya is complicated," Libya's United Nations Ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi told the council. "Yet the situation since the 13th of July has become even more complicated and the situation might unravel into a full-blown civil war if we're not very careful and wise in our actions."

On 13 July heavy fighting broke out between rival militias vying for control of Libya's main airport, killing at least seven people and forcing a halt of all flights in the worst fighting in the capital for six months.

An election in June had been aimed at rebuilding state institutions in an attempt to quell three years of spreading violence since the ouster of long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi.

The recent fighting is part of growing turmoil in the North African oil producer, where the government is unable to control battle-hardened militias that helped to overthrow Gaddafi in 2011 but continue to defy state authority.

"I had always excluded the possibility of civil war but the situation has changed," Dabbashi said.

"In the past, security incidents were limited, isolated and rare," he added. "But today the clashes ... [are] between two armed groups using heavy weaponry. Each group [has] its own allies scattered in the other regions of the country."

He said it was crucial to disarm those groups.

In response to the increasing chaos, the council passed a resolution on Wednesday that tightens the arms embargo on Libya and extends sanctions to groups and individuals that threaten the country's peace and stability.

Violation of sovereignty

British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant, council president this month, told reporters the council would move swiftly to come up with concrete names of those who would face international asset freezes and travel bans.

Libya's government has called for a peacekeeping force to be deployed to help disarm militant groups and restore stability. But council diplomats say the situation is too volatile.

The outgoing UN special envoy to Libya, Tarek Mitri, said the situation was of "grave concern."

"The threat from the spread of terrorist groups has become real," he said. "The chaotic security situation and the very limited capacity of the government to counter this threat may well have created a fertile ground for a mounting danger in Libya and beyond."

Dabbashi did not mention mysterious airstrikes against Libyan Islamist militants that US officials had suggested were staged by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

Mitri said the air strikes were not helpful. "Any foreign intervention is a violation of sovereignty," he said.

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Antonio Jose Pecurto Pecurto 2014-08-27 10:29:34 PM
Stop the War in World international community
Viman Singh 2014-08-27 10:53:11 PM
Its muslims against muslims...let them fight...we need their numbers to drop
Neville Graham 2014-08-27 11:27:36 PM
Although most ppl hated his guts, Muammar Gaddafi at least instilled peace, order and he's gone, Libya is in chaos, a war zone with different factions fighting for power HOW STUPID...exactly the same scenario in Egypt and Iraq...only solution is to install similar dictators as before, in all 3 countries to restore PEACE, ORDER, STABILITY...FOR EVERYBODY!!! it is now, nothing else will solve their problem.
Mk 2014-08-28 12:42:59 AM
That's USA sponsored democracy looks like, Libya and Iraq were peaceful under under Gadafi and Sadam than under this US sponsored puppets
Michael Kleber 2014-08-28 05:39:27 AM
Don't they believe in democracy in these countries ?
Nhlakanipho Shezi 2014-08-28 06:50:20 AM
When Brotherly leader said he was fighting terrorist,they said he was a dictator,he don't want democracy.This is your democracy ,brought to you by the west
Viman Singh 2014-08-28 08:53:27 AM
Well muslims kill people of other religions without you saying much, so let them kill one another now.