Libya's interim government resigns

Benghazi - Libya's toothless interim government, led by prime minister Abdullah al-Thani, announced late on Thursday it had tendered its resignation to the elected parliament, days after a rival Islamist administration was created.

The interim government, operating in the east of the country to avoid the Islamist militias which have a strong presence in Tripoli, said it "presented its resignation to the elected parliament", which is based in Tobruk, 600km east of the capital, also for security reasons.

The announcement came three days after Libya's General National Congress, officially replaced by the parliament elected in June, on Monday named pro-Islamist figure Omar al-Hassi to form a "salvation government".

The Islamist-dominated GNC convened in Tripoli following an appeal by Islamists groups which contest the legitimacy of the parliament based in Tobruk.

"The GNC dismissed Abdullah al-Thani as head of government and gave Omar al-Hassi a week to form a salvation government", GNC spokesperson Omar Ahmidan told journalists in Tripoli on Monday.

Islamists called for the GNC to reconvene after they accused parliament of complicity in air raids last week on Islamists battling to capture Tripoli international airport from the nationalist Zintan militia.

The Islamists claimed to have seized the airport and television pictures on Monday showed them apparently running rampage and celebrating their capture of the facility.

In its resignation statement the Thani government said it hoped parliament, which it described as "the only legitimate authority in the country", would form a new government "representing all Libyan people, and capable of re-establishing security and building a lawful state".

That will also be the wish of the international community which has become increasingly concerned at the chaotic situation in Libya.

The outgoing administration denounced the move to create an alternative Islamist government.

"It's an act of rebellion against the legitimacy of parliament which is recognised by the international community", it said.

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Shades 2014/08/29 08:28:23 AM
Africa is truly a lost and hopeless cause!!
Shades 2014/08/29 08:29:11 AM
Africa is truly a lost and hopeless cause!
Lwazi Sibiya 2014/08/29 08:34:56 AM
Where are western,eu countries that created this mess? Libya was economically doing well under Gaddafi, now the west is just stealing resources whilst these fools are killing each other. The devil operates well in destruction.
Hank Thetank 2014/08/29 08:37:25 AM
Dear ex Libyan Govt PLEASE come over to SA and show the ANC how to step down cause they incompetent, useless and steal tax payer money for self enrichment. We done with them and No 1 must go to jail
Abongile S. Ngozi 2014/08/29 08:39:12 AM
Where is NATO and their 'no fly zone' now? During the time of Gaddaffi we did not have such nonsense
Sahomz Tafadzwa 2014/08/29 08:45:09 AM
Africa as long as we don't wake up from this great slumber of allowing western countries to dictate to us we shall be forever doomed the west caused this when they killed gaddafi now Libya is about to be another Somali
irshaad.essa 2014/08/29 08:49:32 AM
Well done USA, another land of oil saved by the might USA! Have your petroleum contracts been signed yet? Which is the next thriving oil-rich country which has alleged weapons of mass destruction or has performed terrorism without any proof? Give us a heads up on this master plan to rid yourself of debt.
Viman Singh 2014/08/29 09:39:20 AM
Lets face it, USA is the POWERHOUSE OF THE WORLD. All the Arab,and other muslim nations combined will never even come half way as close to the all powerful and God given UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. To all muslims : When the USA says Jump, you must say " HOW HIGH" . If the ALL POWERFUL USA really wants to wipe out all muslims in the world, they would be able to do it in 7 days. USA can cause any contry to fight against its own people. The USA is a force not to be challenged.