Obama: Egypt should release Al Jazeera journos

Washington - US President Barack Obama called on Wednesday for the release of three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to prison in Egypt for allegedly defaming the country.

Speaking at the end of a US-Africa summit, Obama said that the United States insists on the right of journalists to practice their trade as a critical element of civil society.

"In the specific issue of the Al Jazeera journalists, we have been clear both publicly and privately, they should be released", Obama said at a news conference.

Australian journalist Peter Greste, Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Egyptian producer Baher Mohamed were convicted in June of aiding the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood and spreading false news that portrayed Egypt as being in a state of "civil war".

Greste and Fahmy received seven-year terms, while Mohamed was jailed for 10 years, in a case that sparked international outrage.

"The devil guided them to use journalism and direct it toward activities against this nation", the court said in a statement explaining its verdict.

Avela A. 'Maqashalala 2014/08/08 10:42:42 PM
Just issue an instruction! It's a public secret that YOU ALLOWED A COUP AGAINST MORSI & were only too happy to send EL-SISI more arms as soon as his farce of a presidency was made "legitimate"