Renamo signs ceasefire with Mozambique govt

Maputo - Mozambique's government and the rebel movement Renamo have signed a ceasefire ending two years of armed conflict, Renamo said on Sunday.

Chief negotiators from the government and Renamo signed the declaration late on Sunday night in the capital Maputo ending a nearly year-long negotiation process.

"A ceasefire has been signed," Renamo's chief negotiator at peace talks with the government, Saimon Macuiane, told AFP.

Warren 2014/08/25 10:39:06 AM
I have never understood how an opposition party would think that civil war would grow their country's economy and earn them votes. No doubt they aren't in power because they aren't willing to jump through the right hoops.
Caswell Tg Caswell 2014/08/25 11:37:30 AM
Now is time for the ruling party to take the resposbility of protecting the country en its people cleaning of illegal firearms. one country one army
Rakesh Panday 2014/08/25 01:37:56 PM
Overdue. Mozambique is too beautiful a country and has too much potential to be destroyed by another stupid civil war