Two Sudan men die after floggings

Khartoum - Two Sudanese men have died after being detained and flogged 40 times each, a rights group said on Friday.

The cases are the latest to highlight the country's laws governing morality that took effect after the 1989 Islamist-backed coup by President Omar al-Bashir.

Hussein Hadab, 45, and Khamis Koko, 60, were convicted separately on 3 and 4 August after being detained for drinking alcohol and causing a public nuisance, the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS) said in a statement.

Each was sentenced in the coastal city of Port Sudan to 40 lashes, penalties that were immediately carried out, the group said.

Hadab, who had been detained for three days, collapsed and died after going to a police station to collect his belongings following the whipping, it said.

Koko, initially jailed for one day, was ordered to serve two months more after his flogging, ACJPS said, but the prison refused to admit him "due to his poor health".

He was sent to hospital where he died on 5 August.

"Doctors that performed post-mortems on both men indicated that the cause of death was a sudden drop in circulation," ACJPS said, calling for an investigation into what happened.

Conditions of their detention, as well as the flogging, may have contributed to the deaths, the group said.

Activists say Sudanese women are regularly lashed under other Public Order provisions which prohibit "indecent" clothing.

In May, a Sudanese court convicted a pregnant Christian woman, Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, of apostasy from Islam and sentenced her to hang, according to Islamic shari'ah law.

An appeals court later overturned the ruling after her case drew worldwide attention. She later left Sudan for the United States.

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Brooklax Mpundus 2014/08/09 07:05:45 AM
Islam again ? How are the plastic jihadists on N24 going to spin this one ? I suppose these two men deserved their fate ? They commited such heinous crimes ! Bloodthirsty and cruel muslims ! Will it ever stop ?
Alistair Campbell 2014/08/09 07:24:14 AM
I drank more than a few yesterday. ...
Michael Ndalama Mwale 2014/08/09 07:36:40 AM
Islamists really treat people as if people are just pawns. They treat people as if they are the ones who created people. Just like Satan, they love to be feared and to instill fear into the hearts of people. These Satanist must be destroyed before they turn humanity into sub-humans.
Victor Fedrick 2014/08/09 07:44:56 AM
Is there no forgiveness in islam?
Akhenaten 2014/08/09 07:56:23 AM
Wild, uncivilised, blood-thirsty people.
Kevin Williams 2014/08/09 08:00:11 AM
Drinking and causing public nuisance. Try and break that dwn before attacking Islam. When that is done in our country innocent lives are lost on the roads, children are raped etc etc and then you want to pull your hair out. Well done Sudan!!
oi 2014/08/09 08:00:22 AM
Barbaric nation of people. Relatively harmless in being drunk and causing a nuisance is obviously so immoral that they must die. The floggers and lawmakers are guilty of murder, lets hope they are put to death then.
Kevin Williams 2014/08/09 08:26:57 AM
Yeah ONLY muslims kill, rape, murder etc I mean we see it all the time in South Africa
Hluvukani Craig Mabasa 2014/08/09 08:40:37 AM
if I had ebola,I would go drink there&throw up in those bastards with their sharia law
TrueBlue 2014/08/09 09:49:02 AM
Many of the judges in sharia courts are barely educated and are confined by the strict constraints of this law. There is no process of mitigation and proving beyond reasonable doubt. It is a very harsh system that was developed by a man who himself flaunted the very rules he made for his followers. The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jesus is a very different God from the God of the Koran because all the way through the Bible the message is do into others as you would be done by. There is an emphasis on the sanctity of life as in the commandment: thou shalt not murder/kill. Thus, in order to execute a person there was a long process that was aimed at presuming innocence until proven guilty. But, the God of the Koran does not command this. Executions can be immediate upon the guilty verdict.