UN releases $1.5m to help DRC fight Ebola

Kinshasa - The United Nations on Wednesday allocated $1.5m to help the Democratic Republic of Congo fight Ebola, just days after the country confirmed its first cases this year.

The UN mission in the central African country said that sum could double in the near future, with the money being released from a fund set aside to meet "humanitarian needs" around the world.

Last week the DR Congo said 13 people had died with symptoms of haemorrhagic fever and performed tests on dozens of others who had come into contact with them.

Kinshasa confirmed two Ebola cases on Sunday, but claimed they were unrelated to the epidemic currently ravaging west Africa.

The confirmation marked the seventh outbreak of Ebola in DR Congo, where the virus was first identified in 1976.

Health Minister Felix Kabange Numbi said the outbreak was "contained" in the area near Jera, more than 1 200km northeast of the Congolese capital.

The World Health Organisation on Friday raised its death toll for the Ebola epidemic sweeping Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria to 1 427.

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John Stoltz 2014/08/28 06:42:20 AM
And another pile of good money goes into the corrupt African black hole! Wish the UN could monitor where the funds are going, and publish the results! Why do these Govs have money for weapons, fancy cars, houses and functions, but never for the needy????? (Yet they always criticize the West??)
mantlekilo 2014/08/28 06:44:35 AM
This action by the UN is puerile and ignores generally accepted protocols when donating to politically unstable countries. This donation equates to a ransom being paid by the UN in exchange for access to the povo in the DRC....and Ebola is just the convenient excuse being used.
Anthony Gold 2014/08/28 07:40:49 AM
LOL! They spend billions on war and petty cash on disease.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/28 09:43:19 AM
It is said the best magicians are from africa and they are heads of states with their wizard cabinet ministers
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/28 09:48:23 AM
How do you fight ebola? ??? WHO and CANADA has already surrended and if they pull back and retreat you must know this dreaded disease has started showng victory