US gives $180m for food in South Sudan

Washington - The United States will provide approximately $180m on Tuesday to help feed the people of South Sudan, the White House said, citing a risk of famine there.

"The people of South Sudan are suffering because of the inability of South Sudan's leaders to put their people's interests above their own," US national security adviser Susan Rice said in a statement.

"President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar must immediately assume their responsibilities to the South Sudanese to prevent further needless suffering."

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Dennis van Aarde 2014/08/12 08:43:51 PM
The countries against America must think again why are you not against the food aid as well the world can now see those countries use double standards
Simphiwe Wrekonize Tladi 2014/08/12 08:44:48 PM
Pity the hungry will get a sack of soya and maize meal,the corrupt govt officials will fill their pockets with the rest of the money mxm
Annette 2014/08/13 11:35:35 AM
Stop sending international aid in to africa - you are making a bad situation worse!