ZMapp Ebola drug stock finished

Washington - The supply of the experimental drug ZMapp used to treat people with the Ebola virus has been exhausted, the US company that makes the medication said on Monday.

"We have complied with every request for ZMapp that had the necessary legal/regulatory authorisation," Mapp Biopharmaceuticals said in a statement.

The company declined to say where the drug has been sent, but said in all cases it was provided at no cost.

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William Pheaha 2014/08/12 10:24:44 PM
Anti-Establishment 2014/08/12 10:39:18 PM
just leave the virus be, Let it run its course. to many people on the earth anyway. Ebolla and HIV just mother natures way of tipping the acales back into her favor
Moshe Medalie 2014/08/12 11:20:08 PM
That writing on the vial is Hebrew. If you boycotted Israel, you would not be able to take the drug.
Jillian Petersen 2014/08/13 03:35:43 AM
@Andrew Moore. On the internet you can be anything you want to be. It therefore amazes me that you chose to be an idiot.
Kirsty Prinsloo 2014/08/13 06:00:28 AM
Because 3P 3R 12K is a known Hebrew word
Richard Pearce 2014/08/13 06:47:34 AM
Google this. "Georgia Guidestones"
Richard Pearce 2014/08/13 06:52:21 AM
Google this "Georgia Guidestones"
Richard Pearce 2014/08/13 06:52:22 AM
Google this "Georgia Guidestones"
Nkosingiphile Ngubane 2014/08/13 08:11:48 AM
Where is it all gone because the places worst hit by the outbreak have NOT recieved it