Zambia bans travellers from countries hit by Ebola

Lusaka - Zambia said it would restrict entry of travellers from countries affected by the Ebola virus and would ban Zambians from travelling to those countries, in one of the strictest moves yet by a southern African country against the deadly virus.

"All delegates from any of the countries affected by Ebola virus disease are restricted from entering Zambia until further notice," the health ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Saturday.

The statement, which was dated 8 August 2014, also said that any Zambians arriving from those countries would be "thoroughly screened and quarantined", adding that no further travel by Zambians to such countries would be allowed.

James Ilukena 2014/08/10 09:00:00 AM
Good move this is the only way to contain the spread please the world do the same the move expats to those affected countries and strict the movement from city to city with the help of the educators, let us help each other in contain this deadly disease.
Clement Ramaroka 2014/08/10 09:00:31 AM
SA officials must do the same
Goeie Donner 2014/08/10 09:07:14 AM
Good move. This is the only way to stop the spread of this virus.
Tavengwa Chivirira Muchini 2014/08/10 09:16:36 AM
The disease is transmitted by contact with body fluids a process not so easy.It can be diagonised easily so banning people is an overeaction.
Tiekie Black 2014/08/10 09:22:04 AM
south africa should do exactly the same!
Gratitude Ncube 2014/08/10 09:22:26 AM
dats totally insane .neighbouring countries must also boycott Zambia in all ways be it trade or what soever coz they are stupid .en barbaric not to mention
mlindos 2014/08/10 09:30:13 AM
And the SA govt will sit and watch
Mark Theunissen 2014/08/10 09:31:44 AM
And SAA is still flying there.........
Joel Mabeke 2014/08/10 09:32:57 AM
While Zambia bans travellers south africa is welcoming more than 1000 illegal immigrants per day to our shores from all over the hit countries.
Teri Yaki 2014/08/10 11:02:32 AM
What is South African health officials saying about our response to Ebola? Have we setup containment? Is there a plan in place at our hospitals if need to treat patients with the disease?