Mugabe a true son of Africa – diplomats

Cape Town – African diplomats in China have reportedly hailed Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe as a true son of Africa, during his week-long visit to that country.

According to The Herald, the ambassadors describe Mugabe as an African statesman who stood up to challenge the West despite the imposition of sanctions on the country.

Mugabe is in China to secure more investment in his country's ailing economy.

According to, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday promised that China will continue to support development in Zimbabwe and Africa.

Mugabe, on the other hand, vowed to expand bilateral co-operation and to enhance the two sides' communication and co-ordination on global and regional affairs.

Meanwhile, Reuters reported on Tuesday that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mugabe signed several co-operation deals.

The two presidents signed several deals, including on food, finance and tourism, the report said.

Sandisele Zitha 2014/08/27 12:49:26 PM
Long live President Mugabe Long live, Africa needs you.
TheoandAnnelize Mostert 2014/08/27 12:52:20 PM
what a piece of rubbish
Grant Bullimore 2014/08/27 12:54:56 PM
A true son of Africa? What, corrupt, racist, with a chip on his shoulder, preaching a pure African lifestyle and ethos whilst enjoying European luxuries on the sly, and hiding behind previous 'injustices' over 20 years later. Yep, a true son of Africa...
reuben.tshoenyana 2014/08/27 01:00:31 PM
mxm so all along you were nt aware that he was the son of africa , now that he is bringing biliions in africe u gv him so much credit.
2014/08/27 01:02:55 PM
If you look at what Africa stands for , then yes he is a true son of Africa.
Julia Griffiths 2014/08/27 01:07:59 PM
Bhy who's standard. Pathetic!
Djimbie 2014/08/27 01:09:28 PM
Murderer and a thief!
oi 2014/08/27 01:16:31 PM
I agree. A true son of Africa. That is why Zim is the state it is ... could not expect anything less. And the Chinese are rubbing their hands in glee because they will be owning the true son of Africa's wealth
Nndweleni Sigonde 2014/08/27 01:17:19 PM
Son of Africa?lol.what about the zimbabwean's citizens who are dying everyday at the border trying to reach south Africa?
Henderson 2014/08/27 01:19:24 PM
These Mugabe articles are starting to annoy me,the guy is an old racist who must be eliminated from society full stop