Mugabe could cause SADC 'democracy deficit'

Johannesburg - There could be a "democratic deficit" in the SADC under the chairmanship of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe," the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said on Wednesday.

"We strongly feel that SADC still has a role to play in Zimbabwe, especially in demanding urgent democratic reforms as provided for in the country’s new Constitution that came into force on 22 August 2013," it said in a statement.

The region was likely to suffer a "democratic deficit" under the leadership of President Robert Mugabe, who would be chair until August 2015.

The coalition said it was grateful to the South African government for introducing a new "permit regime" for Zimbabwean migrants living in the country.

"Whilst we welcome the new dispensation, we would like to remind the South African government that Zimbabwe’s political and economic crises are far from resolved," it said.

"We demand guarantees of orderly and constitutional succession in Zimbabwe and decisive action on the land question, starting with a comprehensive land audit, which is long overdue."

It called for a halt to farm invasions, property rights to be respected, and the rule of law to be observed.

Southern African Development Community (SADC) leaders needed to "demonstrate commitment to the rule of law and respect for human rights by immediately resuscitating the SADC tribunal".

"SADC should press for human rights improvement across the region, particularly those countries with an unflattering human rights record such as Angola, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe," the coalition said.

Attempts to reach Mugabe's spokesperson George Charamba were not successful.

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Kevin 2014/09/03 09:26:24 PM
Wonder how long he will live for still.
Antie Corruption 2014/09/03 09:27:00 PM
Mugabe can't spell democratic. The sooner this oxygen thief dies the better for the whole world
Ntshobs 2014/09/03 09:32:36 PM
pres Robert Mugabe is democratic,he just doesn't kiss the back side of those who're from the west.
Brian Victor 2014/09/03 09:53:49 PM
It is time for him to attend his own funeral.
Kennedy Bunga 2014/09/03 10:10:24 PM
Firstly Democracy is over praised. Secondly Sovereignty comes first before democracy. The crisis is Zimbabwe is a struggle for sovereignty.
MJ 2014/09/03 10:47:22 PM
This news is something the Zim security agents have attempted to keep quiet, but the shock of all shocks is that Bob's trip to China this past week, was to attempt resolution to a stipulation that China made saying that in exchange for yet another financial bail-out, Bob would have to step down. China has lost faith in Mugabe, and given he has failed to pay back previous 'loans', they feel Zim is a money pit with little chance of remedy under Mugabe. Through previous 'loan' agreements, China already owns a major stake in Zim's mines, and Bob has nothing more to offer them. Time for new blood.
Brian Wakeham 2014/09/03 11:13:06 PM
Everything he gets involved with goes into deficit so what's new?
Manyika Mukaro 2014/09/04 04:28:22 AM
Democracy means respecting the gay rights and what else.
On The Edge 2014/09/04 04:45:27 AM
Bob Boon Mogarbage... that's so funny... lol... and herein someone said it, others will be left behind to clean up his mess... how sad for the innocent people of Zimbabwe...
Terence Wessels 2014/09/04 06:13:28 AM
Of course. How can you put mad garbage and democracy in the same sentence, and not throw up?