Zimbabwe cops beat, detain opposition protesters

Harare - Zimbabwe riot police detained a dozen opposition protesters and beat up others at a demonstration on Wednesday over high unemployment, an AFP correspondent witnessed.

Police armed with batons descended on around 100 members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change in the capital Harare, days after its party leader advocated a wave of nationwide demonstrations.

Protesters were beaten and bundled into marked police vans as they headed toward parliament to present a jobs petition to the speaker of national assembly.

Police spokespeople were not available to confirm the number detained or if charges had been laid.

The group had marched through the centre of the city holding placards reading "We demand jobs".

The protesters want long-ruling President Robert Mugabe to fix Zimbabwe's economy, which has lurched from crisis to crisis over the last 20 years, bringing bouts of hyper-inflation and excruciating levels of unemployment.

Series of nationwide protests

An estimated 300 000 Zimbabweans have fled to neighbouring South Africa alone to look for work.

Mugabe, who has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980, is currently on a five-day visit to China, in a bid to drum up financial support and investment for agriculture and infrastructure projects.

The 90-year-old was re-elected last year in a disputed vote after promising to create jobs.

But the MDC's Morgan Tsvangirai - the runner-up in the poll - has suggested a series of nationwide protests against the government's failure to stem the economic meltdown.

Previous demonstrations against Mugabe's government have been brutally put down by the security services.

The latest demonstration comes a week after police quelled another MDC rally and arrested seven. Those protesters remain in custody.

Miles Lancmore 2014/08/27 03:11:19 PM
Less than 100 people are asking for jobs which is far less than a million jobs you promised during elections and you beat them.Why do you lie to people,why do you cheat your own people.
Tiekie Black 2014/08/27 03:35:35 PM
i will celebrate the day when mugabe's days are up
Martin Chris 2014/08/27 03:39:22 PM
300 000 in SA? What a burden!
Akhenaten 2014/08/27 04:03:14 PM
In another article Mugabe is hailed as a true son of Africa. This now confirms it. That is what you do in Africa, you don't govern, you rule by force.
Bonnie Cape 2014/08/27 04:10:42 PM
I'm alarmed by the amount of thumbs down given to those who are against Robert Mugabe. Dictatorship must not bother you at all? I'm willing to bet that those giving the thumbs down are the same ones that suffered under apartheid. Has history taught you nothing? The best thing that could ever happen to Zimbabwe is the removal of Robert Mugabe.
Bob Mearly 2014/08/27 04:20:04 PM
Don't worry, Bob is in China he will bring jobs back with him.
Andrew MacDonald 2014/08/27 04:26:36 PM
hahaha, and their finance minister wants to ease negative perceptions and encourage investment. after this, i am keeping my half a cheese sarmie to myself. idiots.
John Greystoke 2014/08/27 04:39:07 PM
The true son of Africa is running his country with and iron fist! In the old days P.W.Botha would have lifted Mogabe out the cushions and saved Zimbabwe!
Kulu Zulu 2014/08/27 06:29:53 PM
Bob mGarbage is the most despicable lump of fetid hyena droppings ever. What a hell-hole Zimbabwe is now. (shuush - i'm going for highest ZimBobMoron downvote ever - standby;)
Frankthetank 2014/08/27 06:48:40 PM
You get the government you deserve. You voted for him now live with it!!