Best of Voices: The battle for KZN continues

The battle for KZN is far from over

So the court judgement on the KZN PEC is undoubtedly a vindication for those who opposed Zuma and the Zuma faction on this matter, not only in KZN but also in the NEC.

But will it have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the presidential race?

I believe it is incorrect to suggest that the judgement automatically brought about a big swing in support for Ramaphosa. Although the provincial chairpersons and executive have some influence on the branches they do not control the branches and therefore branch delegates will ultimately vote the way they have been instructed to do by their branches, irrespective of who controls the province, writes Melanie Verwoerd.

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Our silence emboldens the sexists

We’re all used to it and wait. Every woman he speaks to in the taxi he calls various versions of baby, babes, love, girl or baby-girl. Hanging out of the window of the moving taxi he punctuates our ride with cat calls directed at women pedestrians.

None of us say anything in the face of this street harassment. Our silence seems to only further embolden him, writes Eleanor du Plooy.

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Toxic tentacles of the Zupta net may smother KPMG

In the same way that Bell Pottinger, for those who can remember it, would not have acted without a brief, SAP, KPMG, McKinsey and all other private companies implicated in enabling and benefiting from state capture and other forms of corruption did not act alone.

Nor did they arrive uninvited. Usually in a corrupt relationship between a government representative and a private company, the former is the consenting lady who knows what she wants. Nothing goes ahead without her permission. She defines what she wants, how she wants it and sets the parameters of how it will unfold, writes Solly Moeng.

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