3 playful lion cubs debut at Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg - Three lion cubs have made their debut, pouncing their way into a large enclosure at the Johannesburg Zoo.

Their arrival heralds the zoo's new generation of lions, who haven't bred there in five years.

Agnes Maluleke, who is responsible for the management of the big cats at the zoo, in a northern Johannesburg suburb, says the new additions are exciting.

Male white lion Letaba and his two sisters Sabi and Jubba were born in April at a private game farm.

They arrived at the zoo in July and were cared for in quarantine until recently. Letaba is the only sibling with a rare white coat inherited from his parents' recessive genes.

The zoo says it has seven adult lions that have all surpassed their natural life expectancy.
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Enig Ma 2014/08/27 05:17:44 PM
Shame, more wild animals born into captivity, teaching kids its ok to imprison wild animals and masking this cruel act as an act of education about wild animals. This is truely outcome based education, the outcome being rhino piaching, transporting giraffes in a way that kills them, etc etc etc. We are not masters of, but custodians of nature.
Sean Lock 2014/08/27 05:56:11 PM
So SAD !!!! To think these majestic beasts are going to die in captivity !!!!!
Nichola Smith 2014/08/27 05:56:34 PM
They belong in the friggin wild with families and kilometres of bushveld to roam. HATE zoos, they should be banned. Animals go through hell so some brats licking ice-creams can scream and shout. Common human race, stop the selfish cruelty.
Neville Watson 2014/08/27 07:26:55 PM
Hilton Walker 2014/08/27 08:31:35 PM
These lions were bred for the JHB zoo? Why? And for what purpose?
Lia Borges 2014/08/28 01:24:04 AM
Poor creatures, in jail now!