Rhino sales bring in over R80m

Cape Town - SA National Parks (SANParks) has made over R80m following the sale of 354 rhino since 2010, Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa revealed this week.

Replying in writing to a parliamentary question, Molewa said she could not reveal who the rhino were sold to due to "exposure and security risks", but said the money from the sales would be pumped into various conservation projects.

"SANParks accumulates all income from the sale of animals in a special fund called the Park Development Fund," she said.

"This fund is used by SANParks for numerous conservation-related projects, including acquisition of land for inclusion into national parks, research projects in the biophysical and social sciences relevant to national parks, scientific reports, and community beneficiation projects."

Dagga Magazine 2014/08/21 02:53:16 PM
Obviously they can't say that they sold them to rhino horn smugglers.
Jamill Ahmed 2014/08/21 04:10:18 PM
Send these rhinos to australia
Andrew Grieveson 2014/08/21 05:43:49 PM
Please can you now fix up the shocking state of the Umfolozi roads !
Nathan Howson 2014/08/21 06:20:06 PM
I trust they use the 80mil well. There have to be people there that care, otherwise they would not have chosen the job.
Martin Sherman 2014/08/21 08:14:45 PM
How can you sell something priceless
Marlene Black 2014/08/22 07:22:51 AM
I shall be very surprised if there is any money left in the fund.
Val Wood Wright 2014/10/06 10:43:51 PM
This is sick, sanparks main focus is to protect our rhinos, not sell them off to the public who can now do what they want, on-sell, keep, preserve, can, oh well, what ever can make them best bucks!??