A call to act for President Zuma

The President of South Africa has a chance to act in repatriation of one the Zimbabwe long lost heir. Zimbabwe is a country in need of leadership, and South Africa as a pioneer of democracy in this continent should participate in all spheres, rather than pointing fingers, as Gwede Manteshe in his speech to the farmers. We should not make political statements that make us look better than the rest, this is the Land of our forefathers and inciting statements will not improve the quality of our people.We should find means that create a climate of prosperity for all, politically and economically. 

We should remember that the Colonial Powers (Anglo-Saxon) have ruled for more than 500years, taking nothing but the minerals and wealth of the African continent. They have destroyed our Culture and Heritage, leaving behind scattered children without prominent leadership. It was their “intent” to divide and rule the long established unity of the people of Africa in order to get their hands on the Resources offered by this beautiful Black Continent.
It is this reason that the Leaders of today should unite and bring back the lost Heritage of our continent, without any prejudice of other races and cultures. African Renaissance is critical to bring back the lost cultures and heritage, hence the King Lobengula Foundation has embarked on a Mission to bring back the lost heir “iqanda leNgwenya” Alban Njube Lobengula kaMzilikazi and be united once again with his ancestors who are buried at Entombane, in Zimbabwe.

African unity is crucial to overcome the obstacles that have been set before us, that have continued to divide and bring chaos and segregation of the once prominent continent. The African Renaissance is a dream that could provide a means to the end, in order to achieve cultural; economic; and social stability without the interference of the outside world. The SADC Region’s have a chance to provide Political unity and Economic stability that could set off the African Renaissance.

The sovereignty of Zimbabwe led by the honourable President Robert Mugabe has set a trend to repossess what was once our heritage, the land of our forefathers. It is this reason that I call upon all leaders of the SADC States to aid in the repatriation of our ancestor back to the soil where he was forbidden by the Matabeleland Native Commissioner for over 120years. It is the gesture of mutual benefit not only to the Ndebele People but to the African tribes, who have endured segregation and dispossession due to greed and deceit to gain resources of the land of our forefathers.

The King Lobengula Foundation has initiated an intent that could reverse the demise suffered by our People (African Diaspora) and rewrite our history for the generations to come, the rise of the Black nation (iSizwe sethu). The dawn of a new era is on the horizon only if we are united, without borders we could be a force to reckon with, economically; socially and politically. Hence I write this note to the leaders of the land, Political and Traditional People to come forth and welcome the dawn of a new Africa, to commemorate the 120th anniversary of Matabeleland war of 1894.

Wehr Wulf 2014/08/15 04:43:17 PM
Wrong forum dude. The ANCYL newsletter is thataway. Speak your rubbish there.
ThinkingApe 2014/08/15 05:27:23 PM
"and rewrite our history" Dream on Bra. The "settlers" came into Zim in or around 1890. They built up a great country and ran the country until 1978 or so. Thats about 90 years. From wildest Africa to a functional country that could feed and clothe its citizens, despite economic sanctions and an ongoing war in the latter 10 - 20 years of white rule. 30 years of rule by Mugabe, a third, 30% of the time that settlers ruled Zim and what have you got? Half of the population are economic refugees, and the country is in tatters. A call to Zuma to act? Pull your finger out of your butt dear Zim neighbor and fix your own country. The dawn of a new era happens when you fix your own problems instead of "calling" on others to fix what you allowed to break.
Julian Edward Frost 2014/08/16 07:46:04 PM
I stopped reading when I got to the bit about 500 years of colonial rule. If you can't even get this basic fact right, I can't trust anything you write.