A country that does not value education is doomed

Education is more than a luxury; it is a responsibility that society owes to itself”-Robin Cook. A country that has no regard for its education is necessitating its downfall. Education is an important tool that can save any country from economic and social challenges. I was greatly disturbed to learn that the Minister of Communications, Faith Muthambi is still showing her disregard in the value of education. In her defence against the decision to appoint Hlaudi Motsoeneng as the SABC’s Chief Operating Officer, she raised valid reasons that led into his appointment. However, nothing is said about the fact that he lied about his qualifications.

I don’t dispute the fact that Mr Motsoeneng may have achieved sterling accomplishments in the public broadcaster but what are we saying about the value of education? Improving staff morale and stability was cited as one of the sterling accomplishments he had achieved in the public broadcaster. Is the SABC’s staff morale equal to the morale of the general public who feel betrayed and deceived after the public protectors’ findings. What does this tells us about the way we value our education system if people can lie about their qualifications and get away with it? What message are we sending to the youth and children? Defending people who benefitted unlawfully or unethically is the same as decreasing the value of our education into a luxury thing rather than a responsibility.

Hennie de Ruyter 2014/08/22 07:55:57 AM
I have in front of me a tiny model railway locomotive made by a German firm called Fleischman. It contains very little gold, some other metal and plastic. The value of the raw material would be about R50. I paid R1300 fot it second hand. New, they go for about R3000. Some German labourer (craftman) using a binocular microscope has managed to increase R50 worth of raw material to a tiny work of art someone would pay R3000 for. In this country we are content to produce the raw material someone would pay R50 for. That someone would transform that into something worth R3000. He get much more than R12000 a month Im sure. The key here is education and skill. That is why we are poor and the West is rich. Asia understand this. We dont.
Nasser Solomon 2014/08/22 08:50:35 AM
It starts in the home. The mothers lap is the first uni and the father needs to be involved in raising his children.