AREA 51: Pass the Tin-Foil please

Area 51: Pass the Tin-Foil please

Okay, heard of the tin foil conspiracies. Here's one: Area 51.

A person by the name of Dan Burisch was supposedly working at Area 51. He claims the aliens that landed/crashed there in their saucer were actually humans from +- 42000 years into the future that were testing a time travel machine to travel into the past and landed at Area 51 in the year 1947AD.

He said that by looking at these future humans he could then deduce that in that 42 000 year timespan, humans evolved to get shorter in height but with more rounded, larger foreheads. Probably for brain power.

He said that the scientists at area 51 tried to get the time machine to work and even tried dismantling it and tried to copy the technology with their own, but it was'nt advanced enough.

He claimed he came into contact with extra-terrestrials that spoke to him in Hebrew. He claimed that the ETs told him that massive Solar Flares would cause major disturbances to earth's communications in the future. He was told this around 50 or so years ago.

He was also told of a brown dwarf with small rogue planets surrounding it that would one day in the future come close to the edge of our solar system and when this happens earth will have terrible climate change.

He was told of a "Majestic 12." Whatever that is? He died a few years ago but launched a project called Project Camelot.

I will be honest, this stuff sounds rather crazy to me.

Tin foil anyone???

Herman Visser 2014/08/03 11:27:12 AM
looking at your latest 2 -- "writings" !?!?!? -- My advice is not to give up your daytime job jet
Herman Visser 2014/08/03 11:27:47 AM
Felix Yoghurt 2014/08/03 11:41:57 AM
There was a time when I did believe all this area 51 hype, perhaps out of ignorance or just enough info. to interest. However after watching many movies (and there were some compelling eye witness testimonies of it) I'd now say that I think the "alien crash" was a smoke screen carefully setup to send the media scuttling in the wrong direction while the Yanks were prototyping there military hardware, rockets, stealth technology etc.... Other factors going on there to consider is that it has become a cottage industry to sell all this area 51 conspiracies, shops at area 51 selling alien tourist mementos, books, videos etc.. Consider this, why of all the places in the world would an alien craft wish to fly in that air space and risk a crash considering that it is a military site, heavily saturated by military radar ? In South African context, it would be the same as an alien craft buzzing around Lohatla when the 10 AA (anti-aircraft) were doing a manoeuvre at the range ? You only have to look at You Tube to see all the 1000's of people claiming to have made alien contact, video of alien craft etc... But how many of these stories really stack up ? And if you say there are a few, I might agree, but not many.
Nobby Poltice 2014/08/03 08:20:31 PM
Oh the irony. A brain addled godbot claiming others are idiots. Tell you what, Area 51 and aliens is a lot more plausible than talking donkeys, snakes and bushes, zombies, levitation and people walking in water and flying unaided though the air, and all manner of primitive superstitious.
Compos Mentis 2014/08/04 08:08:35 AM
You lost me when you didn't name the brown dwarf JZ........
CosmicBob 2014/08/04 01:41:21 PM
The sheer number of stars and, by extension, even larger number of planets in our galaxy alone would be enough to justify one to think there is a very high statistical probability that life exists elsewhere in the universe. But that does now mean that we get to make blanket assumptions based on no solid evidence (and no, anecdotal evidence does not count) that we have been visited by such life. There the probabilities become so low that it would be truly extraordinary if we had in fact been visited. Consider for a moment the sheer distance between us and our nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is only 4.37 lightyears away. Travelling from there to here alone would take a vessel capable of travelling at the speed of light (good evidence to suggest this would be impossible) or near it. A basic understanding of how the properties of mass changes as it nears the SOL would be enough to suggest that this would take a huge feat of technological prowess and would require a civilisation so advanced beyond our own that the probability of this happening before said civilisation destroys itself with it's own potential politics and technology. Then, once that is done, said civilisation would have to find us. Relatively speaking, our planet is a tiny spec of dust. Our earliest radio waves have only reached as far as ~60 light years out into the cosmos so there is no chance any potential ET's out of that range & capable of even picking up our noise would even be aware of our existence.