Anyone know of these people? Could be a scam

My wife got a call from a number this morning (0319405487) she answered and Indian woman was asking her if she has received her golden cards yet and she said no, and the lady apologised for her not receiving them and told her that she will get them as she is in charge of the local branch in DBN and will be able to get 30% discount on all her groceries and shopping.

This lady had all my wife's personal information. ID, Address, Bank details and pay date.

Reason I'm writing  is because she mentioned something or other of being involved with FNB and somewhere knew her name etc. I have called FNB's risk department and they say they dont know the origins of the number and will investigate.

Please kindly advise if anyone has received a related call or if anyone has been scammed by these people as this looks like a scam.

Apparently a number of people have also been receiving these calls from the same number.
 Please see blogs below where people have complained of the same:

Chase Cameron 2014/08/20 06:46:14 PM
John Buang 2014/08/20 07:22:35 PM
Eidel Bock 2014/08/20 07:46:02 PM
Bet the thumb downs know more than they reveal...
Luzuko Mtoyi 2014/08/20 07:49:11 PM
FNB? And Vodacom seem to be abetting criminals by giving our information out... There is a company called Stratcol, which has other ghost companies ( Big Five, Books for Africa, just to name two). Some of these are based in the Western Cape with a 021 code, somewhere in Milnerton or so. You get your account at FNB debited for an amount that changes...R79.99, R89.99 etc. FNB gives you the number of your 'supposed' Creditor. You call the Creditor and they give you a another number because they are supposedly 'collecting on behalf of someone'. That someone ALWAYS, without fail is an Indian Dude in Durban! ALWAYS. They are cocky and down-right brazen in their scheme. FNB then says you must complete a debit dispute form, which I have always refused to complete...because in essence, they are saying you have a contract with these scammers, but are in dispute ito delivery! They charged yor R47 to reverse the Debit order. Then in comes the CEO of Stratcol who always says he is ignorant of this! He has been interviewed on Moneyweb and nonsensically professes his innocence! FNB makes money out of this...because, say they have 1 million customers being scammed and they charge R43 to reverse! Just calculate!
Tina Butler 2014/08/20 08:08:02 PM
No, not could be a scam. IS A SCAM. Do not buy anything from cellphone marketing companies. If they seem to be from your bank, just politely decline and hang up. (They are very fond of selling worthless insurance.) If my bank wants me to make use of one of their products, they can send me a proper offer letter.
Mabs 2014/08/20 08:58:25 PM
Thanks for the warning. Scammers are getting worse.
Michael Van Wyk 2014/08/21 07:00:58 AM
I also got a call with the same info as your wife. I told her to piss off!!!!!
Warwick Railton 2014/08/21 07:06:32 AM
Tell them that you are in debt counseling..........they hang up on you.
John Neilson 2014/08/21 09:19:55 AM
people in the call centres take your info and sell it on. happens worldwide.