Are the Economic Freedom Fighters communists? Part 1

Let’s find out by comparing official EFF policies with section 2 of the communist manifesto:


  1. Abolition of property in landand application of all rentsof land to public purposes.

Official EFF policy: “EFF’s approach to land expropriation without occupation[sic] is that all land should be transferred to the ownership and custodianship of the state”


  1. A heavy progressiveor graduated income tax.

There doesn’t appear to be any official EFF documentation on tax policy, which is peculiar. They have big plans for spending (providing 'free' healthcare and education etc.), but they don’t say how they’ll raise the money to do so.


  1. Abolition of all right of inheritance.

No policy with regards to inheritance. Not that the filthy capitalists will have much to give to their children, since most of the wealth will have been taken through force, and given to the people.

It’s probably safe to assume that Malema and co. won’t have a favourable view on inheritances.


  1. Confiscationof the property of all emigrantsand rebels.

Official EFF policy: “The EFF will limit foreign ownership of strategic and monopoly sectors”

Every popular political movement needs an enemy within, and an enemy without. Foreigners are the enemy without. It’s easy to blame faceless, nameless foreigners for your woes. Your rhetoric and anger need a target. And what’s a better target than the defenseless ‘foreign imperialist’ boogeymen?


  1. Centralisation of creditin the hands of the State, by means of a national bankwith State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

Official EFF policy: “The EFF-led government will establish a State Bank, which should be accompanied by the transformation of the financial sector as a whole”

It is unclear how a state bank will differ from the privately owned central bank/reserve bank system South Africa, and the world, is using now. Whether the new central bank is used to further state and/or corporate agendas through their day-to-day activities of market manipulation (bail-outs, money printing, devaluations, artificial interest rates) makes little difference. I am already skeptical of qualified economists in ivory towers (central banks) making economic decisions that affect billions, so I can’t think of anyone in EFF circles who I would trust with the monetary printing press.

You can read the full article here

cvh23 2014/08/28 04:21:52 PM
Apologies for the poor layout. Seems to have copied funny. The full article at the link looks ok though.
Fired up 2014/08/28 06:11:30 PM
cvh, 'It is unclear how a state bank will differ from the privately owned central bank........ Agreed, it won't, the only change will be the names of the shareholders, a new elite class of beneficiaries with the masses believing it to be a 100% 'state owned' bank. Thanks for this.
Owen Walker 2014/08/29 03:26:11 AM
At least, the EFF are up front about what they will do. We are under no illusions. After 20 years of ANC rule we all know that we were duped. I am happy with a 20% of the vote to EFF as the left should always have commanded that much of the vote. The EFF is good for SA politics as it removes the minorities from the firing line. That is, we have genuine black versus genuine black. No more race card, etc to divert attention. Now a swimming pool built with public funds on a private property is theft period. The EFF showed what parliament really is. It has become a place where no straight honest talking is allowed. In the medium term we are too diversified to become another Nazi Germany / Zimbabwe. Yes we will muddle on BUT if JZ cannot centralize power then no one will. We all have to adjust to a +50% unemployed / unemployable rate as it probably is a permanent situation considering technology advances and the level nutrition at conception level in our poor communities. The poor will therefore vote socialist and they are the majority. Our 'chaotic' education system is just a reflection of poor brain nutrition from conception to 5 years old. The education system cannot be fixed until we feed our kids properly.