Atheists, get your priorities straight

Religion of all types is irrelevant in the real world.  Sure, it means something to its followers in church and in their homes, but outside of lala-land, in the REAL world, it means nothing.  Why does it mean nothing?  Simple, because it does not bring anything useful to the prosperity of humanity.  It is safe to assume that a lot of theists will be reading this and will probably start frothing at the mouth in protest to this claim, so it would probably be best to first explain why religion is irrelevant before proceeding.

The complete absence of any valid evidence.  Sorry folks, your "holy" book is not evidence.  You can quote away on your verses, but alas, they do not mean anything.  It is a book.  Whether its the Book of Mormon, the christian Bible, the Quran or the Egyptian Book of the Dead, it belongs in the mythology shelf.  Since there is no religion that can provide a single shred of evidence that their book comes from any kind of omnipotent super-being, it is no more valid than my copy of Forrest Gump.  "Oh, but the Bible says the Christian god is real!".  Really?  The Quran says the same about Allah and the Book of Mormon says the same about Joseph Smith.  This is circular reasoning, which is a logical fallacy.  Get over it.

"Look at the world around you!  The mountains, the rivers, the trees and the grass!  This is evidence of God!".  Sorry folks, wrong again.  Someone in the comments section, I can't remember who, used this argument.  He said that if he showed you a house and told you a builder built it, it would be sound reasoning to believe that it was in fact a builder and that this applied to the world and God.  This too is a logical fallacy.  I have a Lego piece in my pocket.  An alien gave it to me.  Don't believe me?  I'll upload a photo of the Lego on Facebook so I can prove that aliens who give out Legos exist.  Suddenly that form of reasoning doesn't sound so logical, does it?

"God does exist!  Science can't prove that he doesn't!  Prove to me that God does not exist!".  Again, another logical fallacy.  There is a mermaid swimming around in an ocean under the ice of a planet orbit a star in the galaxy Andromeda.  For real.  You can't prove me wrong, so it must be true.  Understand?  If you claim there is a leprechaun stealing your sister's underwear, then it is your job to prove it, not mine.  The same applies to you claiming there is a god who created the universe.  That's the bottom line.

To sum it all up, religions do not have any evidence to show one how one "holy" book is more valid than another, they do not have any evidence to support a creator and they do not have any evidence to back up their claims of a god of any kind even existing, therefore, religions are irrelevant.

Which brings the discussion to the atheists:  seeming that we all know that religions are irrelevant, why are you all wasting your time on them?  They are so hopelessly indoctrinated into the baloney they believe, there is no reasoning with them.  You can demand "empirical, verifiable evidence" over and over and over (I'm talking to you, Siebert), but you're not going to get any evidence, so why are you all still trying?

Focus on the mission at hand.  We want religions to stop trying to convert us, we want religions out of law making, we want religions out of schools and we want religions to respect our right to not believe in their rubbish.  We are half way there.  Religions are out of law-making.  We live in a secular country.  Mission successful.  Religions are out of schools.  Religious practices in government educational facilities have mandatory voluntary rules in place and any form of preaching against a child's will is illegal.  Mission successful.  All that remains now is for religious people to learn to respect our right to not believe.  This is a very difficult task, but it is not impossible.

Christians, for example, are very careful not to offend Muslims, Hindus and others, but they give no second thought about offending atheists.  This, friends, is where we should focus our priorities.  Telling them what to believe is just as bad as them telling you what to believe.  It annoys you, it annoys them, it is pointless and it is stupid and even trying to reason with them is as effective as farting against a hurricane, purely because of the moral high-ground they seem to think is theirs, because you know, "I'm a Christian".  Don't give them any attention.  Don't engage with them.  All you're achieving is making them feel like their petty beliefs are worth your time and this feeds them status.  This is very counter-productive.

What we need to do is make our presence known.  Somehow devise a way to become organized.  Numbers matter.  The more atheists come out and assert themselves, the more closet atheists will come out and follow.  The only thing religions seem to leave alone is other religions.  We should use that.  As stupid as this sounds, we should start the Atheist Religion.  People from the religion called Atheism find getting called sinners very offensive and its time religious people learn that.  How about we teach them some tolerance? 
Michael Sirius 2014/08/28 12:45:51 PM
Insecure much?
Sabeer Mahomed 2014/08/28 12:48:08 PM
U say to all Atheists not to interfere with Christian beliefs but use half this article to ridicule them lol. What a pws cake!!
Neville Watson 2014/08/28 12:56:15 PM
Because the religious force their views on others through many mediums, insisting on wearing certain apparel, or having special days off, or restricting others from eating what they want (Ever tried order bacon at a halaal wimpy?). They indoctrinate children and kill in the name of their gods. They peddle lies and stunt progress. These are reasons not to leave them in peace.
Kimberley Hubert 2014/08/28 12:58:28 PM
Uhm... Your article matches your profile pic J-j-j-j-jimbo
Richard Cypher 2014/08/28 12:59:42 PM
While I agree with a lot of what you wrote, there are two things that I have to comment on. 1. "Christians, for example, are very careful not to offend Muslims, Hindus and others, but they give no second thought about offending atheists." If you swop Christians and atheists, then this reworded sentence is very much an accurate reflection of the real world. Online some atheists have no problem insulting or taking on the muslims, but in the real world... 2. Your Lego analogy is a bad analogy. You jump from a house being evidence for a builder to a Lego block being evidence for an alien. That is a fallacy of logic. In order for your analogy to be valid, the Lego should be evidence of a builder as well. And unfortunately it is. Apart from these little slips and the general soapbox flavour of the article, I enjoyed it and I agree with quite a lot of it.
RabbleRouser 2014/08/28 01:11:34 PM
Interesting article. But I beg to differ on some of your proposed methods and approach. I think the subtle approach that is currently being undertaken, particularly the USA (and other developed countries) is the correct approach. You are not going to change established religious dogma, myths and superstition by taking a confrontational and aggressive approach. The decline of the influence of religion will take a number of generations. And it begins with empowering people to apply critical thinking and to question why they hold certain beliefs. Generally, the power and influence of religion is on the decline. And that has come about by implementing a secular society. It has happened in many countries but not all. And it has happened to varying degrees. As for calling upon atheists to come out and form atheist organizations on a large scale. Count me out. I am not interested. I would be interested in joining a small common interest group. But I will certainly refrain from joining a group that is going to be openly confrontational toward some religious establishment or church. From my perspective - people are entitled to and have a right to their beliefs. And they are entitled to the places of worship. The secular laws of the land enable me, as an atheist to enjoy my freedom from religion. So I am not compelled to engage with any theist or religious person. But, I do so of my own free will. And I am quite happy to engage with them and have a discussion or debate.
Satis Dictum 2014/08/28 01:11:40 PM
No thanks Jimbo, atheism is not a religion and never will be. There are already enough atheistic, secular, philosophical and free thinking societies. Seek and you will find.
CharlieC 2014/08/28 01:14:31 PM
“why are you all wasting your time on them?” If we don’t communicate with them then how will other atheists find their voice as you said, “The more atheists come out and assert themselves, the more closet atheists will come out and follow.” That will not happen if we don’t ‘waste’ our time with them. “You can demand "empirical, verifiable evidence" over and over and over (I'm talking to you, Siebert), but you're not going to get any evidence, so why are you all still trying?” I think he says that to show that they don’t have evidence. I don’t think he expects any evidence any time soon but it does show how weak the religious position is. “we should start the Atheist Religion.” Good luck with that. I don’t think it will happen. An association or something like it sure but a religion no chance, for various reasons, as many reasons as there are atheists. One thing that the religious folk need to understand is that separation of church and state is beneficial to religions.
CyberMatix 2014/08/28 01:38:50 PM
>>> Religion of all types is irrelevant in the real world. You say religion has no relevance in our society. I beg to differ. Even in SA we have a chief justice that is a religious prick. He has a direct influence on our legal system. We have a political party that equates themselves to Jesus and uses that to garner votes. We have legislation that have references to Biblical motiefs. And we have thousands of people in influential positions that have their cause and effect mechanisms not based on reason and logic but on stone age principles. And they make decision using those principles that directly influence you and me. And that's just SA. Look a bit wider at the world and you'll see that 80% of all conflicts involves religious disputes. And those disputes also affect you and me. The worldwide War on Terror. Religion. Mid East conflicts. Religion. Africa conflicts. Religion. So even though I'm in general agreement with your thesis, the principle you base you thesis on is dead wrong.
ThinkingApe 2014/08/28 02:06:15 PM
Beliefs are important. People's behavior is based on their beliefs.How we interact with the world,etc, all based on beliefs. Is it to mankind's advantage having people hold a false belief ? Perhaps for a minority, or perhaps a short time, but in the long run we are far better off having our beliefs in alignment with reality, and the more of us the better. The problem we skeptics have in bringing numties to reason is that their faith is based on many facets/tenets?. Eg The word of God ; Praise and worship; Christian fellowship; feeling superior in their "knowledge"group ; spiritual experiences ; prayer; Tradition. etc There have been many good articles questioning the various facets offaith here on Mynews24, articles that still await answers from the faithful. BUT, the problem has always been, "well I am not going to lose my faith over a piece of scripture, my experiences with God...."or the well used, "I cannot answer you BUT I KNOW God is real...." I think we need a series of articles marked for reference for numties that methodically debunk all of the various facets of the "beliefs" held by the faithfully misinformed. Lets face it the arguments do not change, we see the same again and again. Has Toby one shred of evidence or any rational reason for believing that the bible is the word of God? I do not think he has, or if he does, he has kept it a secret. There are a lot of good arguments in the "archives", I think they should be dug out as references.