Benefit of Apartheid Not

Did I benefit from Apartheid

Did I benefit from apartheid more than 20 years ago?

I grew up in a poor neighbourhood on the wrong side of the railway tracks. I am a white man aged 40+ and I ask out loud did I really benefit from apartheid as is now claimed?

Let me view this in perspective then.

We never had free schooling for one. My late father used to start walking 11 km to work every morning at 3am because we had no vehicle of our own and convenient mini bus taxi transport did not exist in the 70s.

I had no choice other to learn in school or have my bum beaten black and blue first at school then at home. We had to pay rent to a landlord as we could not afford our own house and RDP houses were not known then even if they were we would not qualify. As far as I recall nothing was free back then. My dad had no medical aid so even a trip to the dentist or doctor cost money.

We had to pay yearly school fees buy our own books and stationary uniforms etc. Everything back then was based on discipline and order. After finishing school I had to go the army for two years I had no choice either army or jail. In the army I learnt self respect how to properly make my own bed which I do till this day and polish my own shoes and not to let stuff lay around.

Then after getting my first very low paying job I started paying tax till this day. For housing I needed to take up a bond paying monthly till this day. If I calculate how much the bond has cost so far over the original price it comes to about ten times the value of the original bond so far.

I was never offered a RDP house or housing discount because I am white. In the place where I work I have now reached the ceiling and daily see young affirmative action employee’s rise before my very own eyes. I have no problem with that if it comes with the necessary experience and low and behold proper qualifications but stop asking me to come fix your mess every time you make a decision against better judgement because you can.

I never made the laws back then so why must I be held accountable for decisions that were made then?

I had no choice in following the law or go to prison it is that simple.

Now 20 years later all this gets thrown in my face. I cannot get another job because I am too white. I cannot get a higher paid position within the company because I am too white.

I have to have extra security installed and pay for an armed response company every month. My children dare not walk the streets alone not even from school let alone after dark. I need to pay for extra tutoring because what they learn in school these days will get them nowhere in a hurry.

So in essence then I have been paying and paying and paying for my right to live for my right to work. How is it then I am now being made a scapegoat and blamed for every single little aspect going wrong in society. Why is my job my home and my life under constant threat?

I am constantly reminded by JUJU that he will come and take my house etc .I pay lots of tax every single month yet have no say in anything. I am charged a huge fuel levy every time I need to put petrol in yet have no say in how and where that money should be spent. I pay VAT every time I go shopping. I pay rates and taxes municipal bills ridiculous electricity fees.

I am now going to be charged for driving on a public road. If all this is the benefit of apartheid to myself on top of having to take instructions from an affirmative action appointee with a university of fort hare diploma and with math and science qualifications equal to what I learnt in standard seven so be it I really must have benefited from apartheid not.

The simple rule we should all learn and apply in life nothing is for nothing and if it says it is its a lie. Go out and create your own destiny dont constantly try to sabotage and self enrich at the expense of others .And lastly stop playing the blame game.You will score no points at the end of the day. Work hard and pay your tax and tv license its the right thing to do.   

Wehr Wulf 2014/08/17 10:48:05 PM
But, but, according to our black compatriots, we were all rolling in the money gained off the sweat and toil of their labour. My story is similar to yours, lower middle class, never had two cents to rub together. Worked and paid my way through university, worked 18 hour days for years, made something of myself. Got NOTHING from the apartheid government and was never old enough to vote for it yet we're all supposedly beneficiaries. I got sick of the reverse BS discrimination, packed up and headed off overseas. I recommend those who can to do the same.
Felicity Dell 2014/08/18 07:14:23 AM
i grew up in an orphanage i did not had any benefits like the black people say, i was poor, i could not go study because there was no money
Msizi Nkosi 2014/08/18 07:29:01 AM
With all due Respect Sir , you are just one example , your story alone does not mean that white people did not benefit from apartheid , in most cases the majority rule applies and it's no secret , it's a fact that the majority of white people did benefit from apartheid.
Musa Xulu 2014/08/18 07:29:18 AM
eish...i wonder which schools you guys attended?...aphartheid was meant to benefit "whites only" , the fact that you somehow think you grew up being poor by not having a new school shoe, a school bus fare and blah blah....think of a black child who did not need a shoe because he did not have tha entire leg after it was shot off by your white uncle during 1976 riots, go on and be a "cry baby" tell the whole world how your white father failed to benefit from his benefits
Langa Kapueja 2014/08/18 07:46:54 AM
Has anyone seen Majaji???
Gail Hayes-Bean 2014/08/18 09:27:28 AM
At the end of the day playing the victim all the time means staying the victim simply because it is the easy way out to claim you have been wronged rather than work to uplift yourself regardless of color and origin. It is fair to say that the advent of whites to Africa had a deleterious effect on those who lived here at the time and were satisfied with having enough to eat and space to pick up and move on. They understood that they owed their existence to the land and when times were tough during climate change they moved on or they perished. Africa was not industrialized and mechanized no but every person had their role to play and they coexisted with nature. Agriculture is the first sign of civilisation and not the wheel! Land tenure was not a given and when overgrazing or drought came and groups had to move on they followed natural signs and woe betide them if they crossed paths with some natural catastrophe such as malaria or a competing group of people. The winner took the spoils and nature was the winner always. What the white people did was to impose the system of civilization they had developed in a completely different continent with little respect for the ways of Africa. We introduced ideas and education developed out of the need required in the Northern Hemisphere such as urbanization and land ownership without realizing that in Africa Nature wins. We taught the peoples we encountered to covet things and saw those who rejected them as savages. That was wrong.
Fanie Kuhn 2014/08/18 10:43:01 AM
Yes, that was then, but this is now. There is legislation for 25% of company shares to be sold to blacks on what turned out to be very generous terms, 10s of 1000s of hectares of productive farms handed over to blacks (where 90% are stripped and revert to bush, as acknow. by govt), positions at every level to be race-based, free houses, free schooling, grants to 16 million etc. However, despite 20% of the budget going to education, (a world high), it is rated at #146 out of 148 in the world. In health, you cannot tell me that every rand is effectively spent and employees are willing and helpful. No, it's a disaster. You want to take for free what's well-run (farms, NHI, top rugby positions, Model C schools etc), and once you have it you let it degrade to dust. How do you explain that 90% of farms given to blacks revert to veld. You don't have to build it from scratch, it's given to you. Why does the govt not supply quality training as a pre-condition? Despite all of the above benefits, 80% of blacks are hardly better off than under the arch-racist regime. 20% have become middle class (that's good, should have been 60-80%), and 0.1% have become super-wealthy. The grant system is destroying the initiative of the poor, and is basically just the ANC buying votes. The ANC steals R30 000 000 000 (that's R30 billion) out of the mouths of the poor to fatten their pockets. Before you complain, get either the ANC or vote in another party to do a proper job for the poor.
NoAbsolutes 2014/08/18 11:28:25 AM
For the sake of argument, lets assume that ALL whites were unfairly advantaged by Apartheid, which ended 20 years ago. Why is this relevant 20 years later?
Anthony De Lucchi 2014/08/18 11:53:17 AM
Jon, you are misguided, Apartheid did not mean FREEBIES, the politicians actually rode in their own cars. White people did NOT get a FREE education or MEDICAL AID and the standard of non-white education was not inferior, if you can read you can read, if you can count you can count. The more intelligent of my classmates were the ones who actually read more than the education system offered them, they sought further in acquiring knowledge on Mathematics and science, there were LIbraries in those days you know, we did not burn ours down.....the problem with Apartheid for that matter was it made it easier for revolutionists to gain the support of the masses by promising them a NEW life a NEW future a ungettable UTOPIA and vast riches. They never taught them with FREEDOM comes responsibility not. Learn to be responsible and you too can achieve what wealthier people have, but unfortanately we cannot all be rich, some of us have to get the job done.
Msizi Nkosi 2014/08/18 12:51:27 PM
It's funny how there were no "No racism" or "Stop killing black people" bumper stickers on white peoples cars back in the day , but u find alot of "No e-toll" bumper stickers :) , Yes as long as you are benefiting why complain ;)