Cirque the South Africa

How one can laugh at the antics in our country. We have to, it is all we can do. The focus of government is "i-can-not-find-a-word". The focus is only on whether you are a Zebra or a donkey, it is not to keep the country sustainable so that all Zebras and Donkeys can survive.

Can we please focus on keeping the country sustainable? Then, when everyone is educated, healthy and safe, look at the prospering of the Black Rhino and how the White Lion can help to do this. The country cannot survive if all the resources are transformed into bricks an mortar (for one), fancy cars (two for one) and airline cost (one airplane for one).

Esteemed Ringleaders, could you consider to teach the people how to build their own homes, or have them at least help to do it. They will then learn a skill, see the time and effort that went into the exercise and value the effort. If one only receives you are not able to give back.

For the sake of survival - let try to build up instead of breaking down a fine beautiful world.

Richard 2014/08/27 08:25:21 AM
Our Government has long lost the plot to keep this country sustainable or even look after their own. They probably never have and all we saw was so many instant millionaires and when it goes wrong then it is all blame shift mode. Now we see another dynamic and that is the EFF who now also want a piece of the pie. In fact they want the whole pie and it is my belief that the ANC are now worried and they are now in panic mode and running with all sorts of new idiotic ideas to try and keep the electorate that the EFF are threatening to steal. This is not about the people or about a healthy economy but about power just like Mugabe.
Stephen Townshend 2014/08/27 09:11:00 AM
The Ringleaders have engineered a far better way to control the people: dependency. If the majority of people are dependent on their say-so, what value is then teaching them skills and having them think for themselves? In the long run it will always be better for the people to never be dependent on the Ringleaders for anything but this is a difficult choice to make in the face of the easy alternative, and 62% of the people have already shown that either they do not recognise their own enslavement or choose not to see it.
No Ohno 2014/08/27 09:50:00 AM
> Esteemed Ringleaders, could you consider to teach the people how to build their own homes .. Wouter, where must they build them ?
Kallie Karnallie 2014/08/27 10:19:31 AM
Maybe we should also teach some people proper English.
Hennie de Ruyter 2014/08/27 10:35:58 AM
I recall my father-in-law. He was old and sick but his mind was sharp. He taught me how to mix concrete, how to lay bricks. Even though he could do none of the work he sat and watch and instruct patiently, pleasantly. That garage we built still stands. When the roof leaked he told me what to look for, went with me to the hardware store and told me what to do. Today I can fix a leaking roof, fix pipes, do brick-laying, mix concrete properly, plaster a wall, cut and lay tiles. Thanks to him.