Dear Tuks - Get REAL

Dear Tuks
I am writing an open letter to you to please clarify what actions have been taken against the two students who have been found to have brought the University into disrepute. Wait, before you let us know what exactly these disciplinary measures are... let's back up a second. 
Disrepute you say? I dare say that this finding on behalf of the university is rather ridiculous. Just looking at the commentary on the articles on News24 shows that you have a skewed view. The biggest mistake the university made was going into the media with this story. You brought the disrepute upon yourselves with allowing this story into the mainstream media. These two students were merely having fun and I personally think that you have over-reached the boundaries of university business and jurisdiction. There is absolutely no intent on the behalf of these students to offend I'm sure, I think merely an intent to have a laugh and have some fun. 
I would suggest maybe instituting a compulsory first year course on Race to all your students to teach them what real racism is and not to look for racism in every single action by any student.
I would not be surprised if a lawsuit comes of this... Be very very careful what precedents you set regarding these two students as you may actually be indicting yourself to be a racist institution. And you won't want that now would you? 
Regards Willem
Ronald 2014/08/07 07:58:22 AM
It would be interesting what the legal ramifications of this would be, taking into account that it was a private function or party, and the photos placed on a FB account not associated with the University. The major publicity of this was caused by the university of Pretoria making a big deal from this and by THEIR actions placing the attention of the media and thus the general public on it.
Riƫtte Steenkamp 2014/08/07 08:10:50 AM
Jay Man 2014/08/07 08:45:22 AM
Agreed. This is pathetic. you can't even say the word "black" or "white" anymore without someone p!ssing in their panties. | Pathetic.
Seek Anfind 2014/08/07 12:13:40 PM
totally agree. . if anything, I see there attempt to dress as blacks as a good thing. there were willing to place themselves is anothers shoes. this also begs the question where one must now draw the line.. am I now not allowed to dress in clothing of an african style? when it comes to cultural appreciation day.. must my children be afraid to dress in Indian or Chinese attire? this is truly absurd. .
Lesego Reese Ndhlovu 2014/08/07 12:28:11 PM
well my opinion about this controversial "racist photo" ..This can be taken as a little Halloween party , where two girls were merely having fun ..yes dressed as black domestic workers, but what made this picture seems more racist is when it landed in the media ..No matter how much wr claim that we are a Rainbow national , racism will always be lurking us in de eyes .and a united nation stosy will always be a fallacy all because of our mentalities. as a Nation..Discrimination and Racism is the first card we play when such matters arises. To a black man this is like the highest degree of ridicule.questions that are likely to arise why didn't they dress as black Doctors or Lawyers , then again this is taken as though we blacks are perceived as an inferior race to the whites of this country and obviously because racism is always at the back of our mind .it will be the answer to this
Charles A. 2014/08/07 06:22:58 PM
So at what point in time do we consider Leon Schuster a racist? He after all produces movie after movie where he takes the micky out of most communities. The big fat maid movie comes to mind.