Decay by politics

The Zuma ANC leaves a lot to be desired.  You would wonder who advises our number one citizen.  There has only been scandal upon scandal after he was raised to the epitaph of society with strong  backing from Juju.

It is time that he takes responsibility for something because he survived bigger scandals than the Nkandla saga.  This is his final chance to prove to South Africans that he is better person than what politics has made him out to be.  It takes a even greater person to acknowledge and own up to mistakes that happened during your watch.

I was one of his staunch supporters during the run-up to his first election and today I still have hope that apart from having been corrupted by money, he is still the best person to have as a president because he's in touch with your normal South African.

Please Msholozi, rise above greed and pride to settle this once and for all and prove your detractors wrong.
Julian Edward Frost 2014/08/26 09:46:49 AM
Zuma is not "in touch with your normal South African". He's an actor, a very good one. A man who was would have tackled the myriad problems facing South Africans. He would not have had over R240,000,000 spent on his homestead. He would not have let the State be used as sheltered employment for the offspring of high-ranking politicians. Zuma is fantastic at putting on a show, but he is out of touch, corrupt and incompetent.
RabbleRouser 2014/08/26 09:49:47 AM
Jacob Zuma is a dirty rotten scoundrel. He is not in touch with normal South Africans. That is the last thing he is. He simply refuses to take the public into his confidence and hides behind the skulduggery of his lawyers who are paid from the R 18 million budget provided by cabinet. Yes it's your tax money that is being used protect him and all his corked and corrupt activities. And he refuses to take responsibility for anything. He is a disgrace. He is an embarrassment to all the good people of South Africa. He is a liar and a thieving crook. The sooner we get rid of him the better.
luckyluke 2014/08/26 11:01:44 AM
My word, the blind follow the piper!! this man has not a moral bone in his body, he takes from the mouths of dying children, he gorges his bloated self, family and friends on the succour for the starving people of this country - leader se p#$s!!!
No Ohno 2014/08/26 12:26:27 PM
You dreaming mister, President Zuma sees this country, and its assets as his own piggy bank. Apologize, for what, he worked hard to where he got. What would always amaze me until the end of time is how much can one person own before it is enough. There is no limit it seems. The common man's thirst for money and power is unquenchable, can never be satisfied. I mean, President Zuma is in his seventies, why would he still want to be the top dog, to get what out of it. Does he not want to retire, I mean, he has a great swimming pool there at Nkanla and can drink nice free cocktails the whole day. I can just be amazed at how the man will keep on fighting to be nr one. What for, what more is there to gain.