Democracy – we accept too little.

We have two needs that are so basis that we even grant them to animals: food and shelter. We need food for ourselves and our children, and a warm place where we cannot be killed in our sleep.

There are numerous other accepted human rights. Even more numerous are the expectations of citizens for which the government accepts responsibility when it collects taxes from them.

But it is a sigh of abject failure of government, when even these two basic needs go unfulfilled, when millions go hungry and have no housing at all.

When officials steal the money and live on the fact of the land, flaunting their privileged position by buying expensive cars and several palatial homes, it is downright shameful, especially if they have been elected in good faith by the poor.

Am I talking about South Africa? Is this another attack on our self-enriching government – indeed it is and we see it daily on how voters are being wooed by the political parties in the country to keep on voting for them.

They are promising them each in a different way, protection against exploitation by the one company that supplies a basic need, energy.

Nobody seems surprised that the leaders of the mother of democracy promises to protect their voters against those they must pay if they want to prepare food and keep warm. We don’t seem to have very high expectations of our democracy and that’s shouldn’t be.

lacrimosewolf 2014/09/03 09:18:42 PM
We will live with this craziness as long as collective thinking and tribal loyalties and tribal paradigms persist. A President is not a King. An MEC, Mayor, Councillor is not a King. The entire concept of Democracy has been missed. We're still very much in the "off with their heads" paradigm whilst having The Finest Constitution in the World. The Best Policies, Processes and Procedures etc. We simply do not have the minds to match. And that's a really neat situation for the ANC to be in. Because you can never win as long as you vote for them. They wrote it all and tell us every week "people must", "business must". Then force you to resort to expensive legal processes or rocks in the road to make them do what they were hired to do. Nice work if you can get it. The only way to put an end to this BS is we have to stop hiring them or agree to not be a country and go back to being stans again - each thiefdom run by a tribal council. For that is where we really are - it's just really nice to have a great big government to blame
Kiss123 2014/09/03 11:29:32 PM
The biggest problem is the over population, and the expectations that someone else must provide food and shelter, BAD news you have to do this yourself !
Puliies Jacob Rogers 2014/09/04 08:02:38 AM
As long as any one is starving or wet in an area, the politicians of that area should not get paid.