Diminishing dream of a rainbow nation

Following the survey results published on News24 on the 14 August 2014, titled “Blacks, Whites don’t trust each other", new democratic South Africa seems to be built on top of dolomite rocks, racial prejudices.

Any building erected on top of such land ultimately collapses because of ground and rain water which will dissolve these minerals, causing sinkholes. The founding of new South Africa was based of shared value system among all races. Now it has appeared that sharing is tipping over one side of those who have advantages than it is in favour of the previously disadvantaged.

Although the survey does not elaborate on reasons for lack of trust, this appears to be the cause of racial polarisation. According to statistics on censors of 2011, whites in South Africa earn 6 times more than blacks.

Many racial incidents reported in the media point to perpetrators as being white, committing atrocities against blacks.
Some few well covered examples include:

1.       The feeding to the lions of a black worker by his white employer.

2.       Numerous incidents relating to the dragging on the back of the bakkies of employees by their white employers.

3.       The shooting of the black worker by his white employer, who in his defence (employer) said he mistaken his employee for a baboon.

4.       The urine and humiliation story of black workers in the Free State.

5.       Recently, the painting of faces black by students in Pretoria.

Furthermore, white people created their own separate settlements away from blacks in Orania and Kleinfontein. Therefore, these few known incidents speak volumes about the overall acceptance of black society by the whites. It is horrendous and unexpected in a democratic society that is based on the one of the best constitutions. While this appears to be a one direction act of victimising blacks, no retaliation has been recorded from the black society besides the hardened attitude towards whites.

This has however become the reality of South Africa, in Workplaces for example, fronting on BEE deals is the act perpetrated by whites using the vulnerable black workers, the continued granting of slave salary of blacks by whites, the appointment of blacks in top positions which have been stripped off key responsibilities, translate to aversive racism.

May I say that such survey results do not come as a surprise or a shock to many of the black people like me! Therefore, the hardening attitude of blacks towards whites does not appear from thin air. The situation has been brewing for sometime now, and I fear for the coming generation who seems to be also inculcated with the virus of racial hatred, as evidently young generation is also getting involved in poisonous race games. In the new South Africa, black people were upbeat about newly founded dispensation. However, many racial incidents against the black society, led to the change of heart and lack of trust between these races.

The common message in all the incidents that occurred is that black people are not preferred by white people who are perpetuating their demise. Nevertheless, there are numerous good white people who will treat blacks as human beings and with respect, and are empathetic.

Those who dislike blacks have just re-opened the wounds of many years of segregation and they continue to create the ugly reality of South Africa. This experience is not new to blacks; we have seen it for more than 200 years. We were called native people, then Bantu people, when racism intensified and legalised we became k....s, today we are called brain-dead monkeys and in some instances called monday.

Why Monday? Because no one wants that day, equally no one wants blacks. What I find stunning is the fact that after going down my memory lane, I cannot come up with one name-calling that blacks had for whites, which means either the systems of oppressions inculcated us to the point were we became helpless and did not have time for insults or it reflects that we are good people on the inside, or it’s a combination of the two.

In all these, black people want to restore their dignity; meanwhile some whites keep extending the distance in economic and social spaces. Feelings cannot be changed by criticism, attitudes cannot legislated, it is only a wise mind that will realise that racial polarisation only falsely affirms to racists that black and white do not mix, while more and more giving birth to hardened attitude by blacks towards whites.

What future will this country have if the situation does not change for the better? It will only mean that Mandela’s era produced a failed revolution and that radical action of total take-over by the majority becomes relevant for the new generation. Well, with the ever growing gaps between the poor majority and rich minority, there is no stability that can be claimed in South Africa and I hope that someone will find a link of the survey to incident such as Marikana and many violent service delivery protests and the emergence of leftist party such a EFF, and get the message that continued subjugation of blacks must stop.

A difference in social life does not have to strip the society the respect it deserves. We share a common land, country and sources of energies but want to create two worlds in one; this is not the dream of a rainbow nation!

Rohin 2014/08/16 06:52:43 AM
The problem with surveys and even things like censors - their accuracy can not truly be measured. All it does is cause generalisations. In the same way I'm sure you don't want to lumped into the same box of ALL blacks, that it what you're doing aside for the small disclaimer. Why don't whites trust blacks? Let's look at the recent strikes. Look at the violence that took place. Remember the Maths of numbers. Majority of crimes in SA are perpetrated by black males - but they are the majority. In the same way the majority of them won't be earning a 30k a month - but since 1994 there are many black people that have stepped into the middle and upper classes. The root of racial divide is enforced by politics where it serves their purpose to keep black versus white, If you do me wrong, I judge you on your actions - not your skin colour. Majority of South Africans - whether living in a hut in the rural areas or a multi million mansion in sandown really just wants to live in this beautiful country where we have working infrastructure - clean water, food, schooling, health care, a police service we trust, and we not want to be scared that we'll be raped, or killed for our cell phone or kidneys.
Eddy D'e Miljo 2014/08/16 07:02:48 AM
Mashile -only a one sided view!
Seek Anfind 2014/08/16 07:19:34 AM
the problem is maintained by stupid, ignorant people of all races because.. They generalize too much! just like this author did! he looks to find evidence of his preexisting bias and celebrates when he finds it. no matter of reasoning or counter arguing is going to try to persuade him otherwise. ALL of the incidents he lists were perpetrated by individuals, and at no point has he dared to suck up enough courage to look to try to change his own mind! here is something I dare all you racists to do: try look to find the exception. then spend your time spreading that message so that we can build bridges rather than perpetuating hate!
Pumla Mbiza 2014/08/16 07:24:45 AM
Many of the words said are true. We really wanted to do Madiba proud by embracing our fellow South Africans but a lot of the white people are making this very difficult for us. I live in a block of flats where the rainbow nation is represented. I got the shock of my life to experience that there are whites who just hate black people because of their colour. For us black people you cannot just go past your neighbor without saying Molo/Good morning. I greeted my neighbor the first time, he did not answer and just went on his way no answer. I thought maybe he did not hear me, next day the same exercise "no answer". Now I was becoming suspicious that this person is deliberately not responding but again gave him a benefit of doubt. I gave up after the 3rd time and I'm now doing what in our culture is unthinkable - not greeting your neighbor and I have come to accept it. What really disturbed me with this incident is that this man and his family also ignored my 13 year old daughter's greetings, this disturbed her in so much that she came to ask me why this happened and I couldn't give a straight answer. Some of you will argue that this neighbor is old and still wishes for the good old days of the group areas Act but he has a young daughter in her late twenties who is displaying the same behavior as the father if not worse. And this has not been the only incident, there have been other incidents with other white neighbors that has now changed my perceptions of a rainbow nation that perhaps it is just a dream and we have all been living in a facade and deceiving each other.
Saltydog 2014/08/16 08:02:34 AM
Have you forgotton the Blacks who dislike Blacks, blacks who steal from blacks get the chip off your shoulder.
Shwele Baba 2014/08/16 08:20:45 AM
This is sure a sad reality of our country.The few elite are becoming more like apartheid oppressors.God must interven or else we r doomed
oi 2014/08/16 08:22:35 AM
But thousands of whites are murdered each year by blacks. Point made, point taken, now don't be a blinded racist, Black man
Sandra J V Vuuren 2014/08/16 09:11:40 AM
It is very insightful that the writer only list the incidents where whites are the "culprits". The fact that most of the cases were proven in court to be untruthful, is not even mentioned. But the hundreds and hundreds of cases were blacks, killed, tortured, raped, humiliated whites, do not even cross his mind. I came to the conclusion that the BIGGEST racists are black people. They twist any story so that they look like the victims, and the media plays along.
ThinkingApe 2014/08/16 10:37:42 AM
"What I find stunning is the fact that after going down my memory lane, I cannot come up with one name-calling that blacks had for whites, which means either the systems of oppressions inculcated us to the point were we became helpless and did not have time for insults or it reflects that we are good people on the inside, or it’s a combination of the two." Ha ha ha ha ha, you are either a liar or the most stupid guy I have ever met bra Jerry. Here in Limpopo derogatory names are used all the time for us whiteys. Eleanor Roosevelt made the famous statement so often quoted but seemingly ignored by a great many black people in this country "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Do you get that Jerry? Any idiot can get offended,angry and feel victimized, and call for a destroying of the present in the HOPE that the future will be better, and most offended idiots that feel victimized do just this. That is why Africa is in the state it is, because people will vote for any moron that promises to destroy the present and build a new better future. Dont get angry or offended Jerry, do what every persecuted race in history has done that bettered themselves; pull your finger out of your bum and get educated and working hard, talk is cheap ne.
John Greystoke 2014/08/16 11:07:15 AM
All you have to do is to look at the comments and then you will see if it is worth reading a long cr@p article like this! It is clear that this article is not worth reading! Normally a writer comments on the comments to motivate and defend his opinion. Jerry is very absent to defend his opinion! So, I think I will go and have a late morning rest.