Does South Africa need military/soldiers?

The role of the SANDF is always misunderstood by many people especially people who are not part of the Defence force. The most frequently asked questions people ask is do we need Defence? What is the role of the soldiers? In reality every country needs the National Defence force.

When there is no war, soldiers prepare for war, when there is war soldiers prepare for peace. Definitely, it is easy to misunderstand the role of SANDF and its capabilities. With constant exercises and training and constant deployments to countries like DRC and Sudan defence force and its capabilities is amicably successful. The aim of SANDF is to provide service in the preservation of life, health or property and the maintenance of essential services which it has done well in the past 20years. Furthermore, the SANDF is divided into four (4) Arms of service; (SA Army) which ensures the national safety of South Africa in cooperation with other services, government departments and institutions; (SA Air Force) assist the national security of the RSA by means of air force operations; (SA Navy) continually help ensure the safety of South Africa through the conduct of naval and maritime actions; comprehensive medical services to SANDF and other prescribed organisations is provided by (SAHMS). As we speak currently the borders of Lesotho, Mpumalanga and Limpopo are manned by the South African National Defence Force.  “On the battlefield, the military pledges to leave no soldier behind. As a nation, let it be our pledge that when they return home, we leave no veteran behind” D. Lipinski.

Fanny Mc Pee 2014/08/23 08:53:44 AM
An African country without a military? No worthy African leader true to himself or to the collective mindset of his constituents will ever be caught without a military. And that's precisely why they are such easy targets to be the dumping ground for redundant military technology - most of the time at the cost of their economies. If it makes a big noise, is shiny with lots of levers and buttons or goes fast - surely it will beat the crp out of the enemy! Oh, and as for "The aim of SANDF is to provide service in the preservation of life, health or property and the maintenance of essential services..." - and the kicker - "...which it has done well in the past 20years." Do you honestly believe that sht?
JP Mhle Ngcongo 2014/08/23 09:09:37 AM
We need them. We wouldnt know when a Boko haram would emerge here. You know, just for safety.
Kwaaitjie Kabouter 2014/08/23 04:31:48 PM
Our soldiers in the DRC are protecting the Zuma clan's business interests in mining and blood diamonds. We do not need an army. All the support services that you mention can be done by a Department of disaster management. DO NOT FORGET THAT OUR TROOPS INVADED LESOTHO WHEN MANDELA WAS STATE PRESIDENT AND THAT THE BASOTHO PEOPLE HATED US FOR THAT.
James Smythe 2014/08/24 10:46:02 AM
I think your question is best answered by the fact that today, we have something masquerading as an army - but it is no such thing in terms of fighting ability!
2014/08/24 05:54:34 PM
A defence force is like a gun. When you need one you REALLY need one.
sxp 2014/08/24 08:49:22 PM
Maybe a country needs a military force, but we do not need the one we sit with now. Over rated, over paid and basically useless.