Egypt beats South Africa in on-line test match

With so few South African gamers having ever played against top level international competition, the standard of eSports in other countries often is a mystery to many South Africans. Just how good are we, how much work do we still need to do in order to be on par with the best, and where do we go from here?

As a result there are many misconceptions that exist based on the lack of knowledge.

Thus the MSSA sees the IeSF's on-line international test matches are an important part of establishing just where South Africa fits in and highlights both the flaws and the strengths of South Africa's gaming.

The MSSA too sees the on-line test matches as an important method in testing and training the Protea National Team.

The test match against Egypt thus formed an important part in getting the SA National Team ready for the 2014 IeSF World Championship Baku.

Although Egypt is ranked lower than South Africa overall, the current Egyptian Dota 2 team is considered by many to be one of the world's heavyweights.

It is thus, without surprise, that the Egyptian team came out strong, put the Protea's on the back-foot right from the beginning and took the first game with a convincing win. That was expected!

However, the ever amiable Ion Todd, a UCT student, rallied his troops and put on a strong showing in the second game. With determination, the Proteas took a a fragile lead in the second game from the beginning, but by half-way through the game, the Egyptians wrested the lead from the Proteas to take a narrow victory in the second game. It was clear that the international experience that the Egyptian possessed gave Egypt the much needed advantage to take the test match by two games to zero.

However, after the game, Ion immediately sat the team down, and they analysed the game making extensive notes on where they went wrong, and what they needed to do to correct their game.

Ryan Boyes, the National Team Manager, was heard to say, that while it is never pleasant to lose, the games against Egypt showed the character of the MWEB Protea Dota 2 Team and the resilience of each one of the players. He was also heard to say that it showed exactly what the MSSA needs to do in order to get the team up to speed, and that he will be submitting his report with his recommendations to the MSSA's Management Board as soon as possible.

Thus, the result against Egypt has left the MSSA in a very positive mood as the MSSA remains confident and upbeat about its team and its chances in Baku.

The test match was, after all, only the beginning of a long campaign against teams with much greater international exposure and experience.
The team that played against Egypt on 8 August 2014 was:





Ion Todd (Team Captain)
Jason Bredberg
Saleem Manjoo
Timothy van Reenan Mostert
Ryan Boyes (Manager)


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Goeie Donner 2014-08-10 09:13:36 AM
Lol. I can't believe people think gaming is an actual sport. I am a gamer myself (PC), but it is no sport LOL.
Joe Black302 2014-08-10 07:31:32 PM
It is not a question of whether eSports in SA needs assistance - Although of course any such will be appreciated I am sure. I think its more a case of our society being obsessed with 'bigger' issues than simple fun. More's the pity.
Thomas Maurice Steenkamp 2014-08-15 07:33:06 PM
What a load of Bull. This "SA Team" Isnt even in our top flight in the DGL.