Evidence for the Big Bang

I see that some people still don’t accept that the Big Bang happened so today I thought I’ll offer some evidence that will show that it did happen. I’m not going to list a whole lot of evidence; I’m only going to mention one. The reason why I’ve chosen this one is because everyone can see it for themselves, or rather what they don’t see but should.

So what don’t you see that should be visible? The answer to that are more stars. As everyone should know there are billions and billions of stars in the universe all of which emit light in the visible spectrum. I’m sure that most people have seen the Hubble Deep Field photos that show just how many stars are out there and it shows that their light is reaching us. So why does the night sky have so much black? If there are all these stars out there one would expect the night sky not to have any dark patches.

So what is happening and why is the night sky not a solid dome of star light? The answer to this question is motion. Due to the Doppler effect objects that move away from you will have a longer wavelength and lower frequency and objects moving toward you will have a shorter wavelength and therefore higher frequency. This is called redshift (away) and blueshift (towards).

Most of the billions of stars in the night sky have redshift. They have shifted so far that they are no longer visible with the naked eye (the frequency is to low). That would mean that all those stars are moving away from us. But if they are moving away from us it must mean that in the past they where a lot closer to us. Work that back far enough and you see that everything was at some time in the past all together at one point in space. This point in space is where it all began with the Big Bang.

I know this is not a full and comprehensive explanation but I hope that at lest when you look up into the sky at night you might find a new sense of wonder and understanding.      

Alex Bax 2014/08/21 04:23:00 PM
Thanks for that, you have just made it a little easier to understand and explain.
Al de Coning 2014/08/21 04:54:55 PM
Yip, I know about the Doppler Effect. Clear and concise explanation of the evidence for the Big Bang Theory.
Al de Coning 2014/08/21 08:07:49 PM
Frikkie, no matter where in the universe you observe it from, all stars are moving away from each other. Picture dots on a balloon, and then blow the balloon up. Same effect essentially. So, no, earth is not the center of the universe.
The_Bawse 2014/08/21 09:08:56 PM
Actually the big bang proves the existence of God, From the book of genesis in the beginning there was darkness, then God said “Let there be light!” suddenly there was light. there was starts billions of them and everything else. Science will continue to prove what is written in the bible.
Frikkie Klopper 2014/08/22 08:36:28 AM
Firstly, I did not delete my comment. I don't know why it disappeared. Yes Al, if the big bang occurred from a singularity, then I would expect it to expand in a wave, like the surface of an inflating balloon. Then indeed all stars will have a red shift. But then the inside will be filled with nothingness. But if the big bang was like a fire cracker? Imagine riding on one of those particles which are all different in velocity and direction, and separated by time. Would you not expect at least some of those particles having a blue shift, either when looking towards the origin, or away from the origin? So my question is: Have the scientists found any blue shifts in the stars at all? If not, why not if we are not the origin.
Lardo Stander 2014/08/22 11:38:32 AM
"Most of the billions of stars in the night sky have redshift. They have shifted so far that they are no longer visible with the naked eye (the frequency is to low). That would mean that all those stars are moving away from us." What would be a viable explanation for the not-most of the billions, which may still be billions, of stars that are then moving towards us?
Frikkie Klopper 2014/08/22 12:48:12 PM
Ok. So Garth says the big bang was not a bang at all. Charlie says that it is in fact not the matter in the singularity that exploded and caused the balloon (space) to inflate - it was the other way round. The balloon inflated suddenly in a few nanoseconds and caused the matter to expand. That's why the origin is everywhere. So what caused this balloon to inflate so suddenly?
Frikkie Klopper 2014/08/23 09:03:12 AM
So far nobody has offered any explanation of what this force could be that is causing space to expand, thus causing stars to flee apart? And since space is today still expanding at an increasing rate, that force must still be present, right? And since there was no explosion of matter (ie big bang), that force cannot be from inside our universe? Also, why does the science community postulate that there must be dark matter/energy that is driving this expansion? Surely that can only be relevant if there was actually a bang? And if there was a bang, there must have been an origin. All explosions have an origin. Charlie, your article aims to provide conclusive evidence of something. Please educate me what that something is?