Farewell city of Durban


By Mhleli Mkhize

Durban, one South Africa’s heritage and tourist attraction with great history and treasures of centuries and centuries.

What has happened to Durban, the soils have become unpleasant and sour, and walking in it is now a death sentence, the history behind the city, the outstanding architect. Attraction to others and business place for some.

 The shelter for the homeless, playground for the children and home for elders so as the resting place for the deceased.

It is through the  shaking legs and walk of fear that have start to see it decompose and degrade from its high standards, yet we are powerless and shall never change what it is to what is used to be.

Drugs, prostitution, and abduction the list goes on. Lord, you told us to not tell you how big our problems are but to tell you the problems how big your name is.

Should we carry on referring ourselves as Durban citizens or should move to another, should we face our fears and take the easy route of joining the gang and cutting our lives short.

Again I ask myself that what is the solution to this, if some priests can “claim” to heal HIV & AID, then surely let them intervene, heal the Pollution and crime that is now in the city . What happened to the work of our leaders in power, what has happened to the respect and dignity we give to the statues and roads of our late leaders?

When I look in some of this homeless people I see a motivated boy who strongly believed in himself and the upbringing of his home and community. We do know these people; they are our own family, my own friends but have turned so different that I fail to notice them.

Thabo Mofokeng spokesperson for the Durban Municipality said that  ” The Municipal management led by Mayor James Nxumalo launched a programme  called Qalakabusha (Fresh start).Through the Qalakabusha intervention programme, the Municipality aims to address social ills that exist in Albert Park and surrounding areas to make our City safer, cleaner and more attractive.”

In order to eliminate vagrancy, loitering and drug-abuse from Albert Park and surrounding areas in the City, the Municipality’s Safer Cities Unit under the Community and Emergency Services Cluster has initiated numerous programmes to assist the homeless that live on our streets.

Bongeka Mkhize who works in one of the schools in Umbilo said that “I happen to pass here almost every afternoon and to be honest I hold my breathe that I come out of the town especially Botha Park and the Market alive”.

Fact is the city has degraded from its standards and may lose a lot in economy and visitors .

DerekMain 2014/08/04 03:28:11 PM
Kick out cANCer and watch your city improve. Phansi cANCer, phansi!!!
Irukandji 2014/08/04 03:37:03 PM
Not just Durban, Mhleli, it's the whole of the country. You're still young. You'll never know what we had.
MikeHampton 2014/08/04 03:48:39 PM
Thoroughly agree. I lived in town. It was so sad to see that city, my love, fall apart.. I left 5 years ago, this month, and have never looked back.
goyougoodthing 2014/08/04 03:48:57 PM
Corrupt ANC officials have ruined this city.
Mark Windsor 2014/08/04 06:38:09 PM
I was robbed at gunpoint in Berea, Durban, but stabbed in an attempted robbery in Cape Town. I must say, I didn't like either, but not having an icepick nearly puncture my lungs makes Durban the winner... ... in a very sick way.
sxp 2014/08/04 08:46:31 PM
Another ANC buggerup.
Nqoby Mbuthu 2014/08/05 10:00:39 AM
I had an idea once, to prepare a meal for all the street residents of Albert park and poison them in the process. You really can't do anything to these whoonga addicts. No amount of government intervention could possibly help them quit their smoking habits and go back home. There's an unpleasant stench the minute you come into town. Our city has been deliberately polluted by our own municipality. They have let this go on for too long now it's almost impossible to try and fix it. We'll forever be tormented by smelly people.
James Smythe 2014/08/05 11:50:13 AM
Well, your last para says it all - the authorities seem to think that vagrancy, loitering and drug-abuse can be eliminated by 'helping' the very people guilty of these crimes! Most sensible people would call it stupid but no, not the ANC.