Gauteng quake: 'Beds were shaking'

"Johannesburg - A 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit Johannesburg in the early hours of Friday morning, the US Geological Survey said on its website.

"The quake, which happened around 01:00, is the second in South Africa in less than three weeks.

It occurred 12km west of Orange Farm, a township south of Johannesburg." - SAPA

Many News24 Users woke up frightened and confused. They share their experiences with us:

Deneysville (1:14)
No damage- listened for about 4 minutes how it travelled into the night. - Johan du Toit

I don't know if that anything to do with the quake, but, around 00:45 this morning, I woke with a very loud bang. My heart nearly pounded out my chest, and had slight difficulty falling asleep after that. It was extremely loud! - Pam

At exactly 01:15 this morning my bed shook terribly. I was fast asleep and confused and only realised what must have happened as I got to my senses in the passage of my house. It was quite scary! - Eleanor Patterton

I felt the 1st one around 01:10 which lasted for a very long time and 2 minutes later as I was about to go wake my mom up, the 2nd one hit as but wasn't as bad as the 1st tremor that shook literally everything including me in bed at Lenasia South - Zimi Yekanye

At about 01h15 there was an earthquake it lasted for 30 to 40 seconds then it happened after few seconds it didn't last up 10 seconds. As it happens I was about to go to the toilet, it was very scary as it was an early morning most of we were still in bed. - Lacosta Maduna

Felt it in Parys about 1.20 this morning. - Francis Janssen

At 01:16 this morning  in Pretoria-West we had a tremor that was make the whole house's windows shake.  It was not as bad as the previous time, but you could still feel it. - Mariette van Rooyen

It happened exactly 01:15 here in Westonaria, West Rand and the second one after a minute the whole building was shaking. - Lungani Mahlatshana

Was there an Earthquake again just past 1 this morning 22 August 2014? I'm in Walkerville, south of JHB. - Marnie Venter

I got up with a fright 01:13. I felt the building shake. My bed shook. Can you please confirm if there was a tremor in Johannesburg. - Sam

Lenasia felt it bad as well. Felt as if the ceiling was about to collapse. Beds were shaking and the noise given off was scary as well. I was awake at this hour and experienced it. - Rizwana Khan

I felt it for a few seconds in laudium around 1:15 last night. - Mohammed Noor

Did you feel it? Was there any damage? Send us your eyewitness accounts. Upload photos HERE, stories HERE, or e-mail HERE.

Lerato Mneoz Raletsemo 2014/08/22 07:41:10 AM
Some1 is very angry with us. Pray people,pray.
Claudinne Phillips 2014/08/22 07:53:49 AM
LOl I thought was dreaming my bed is moving by it self, I stay in ennerdale
Fanny Mc Pee 2014/08/22 08:14:07 AM
"Beds were shaking" Trees must have shaken first and then the beds in the trees started shaking.
MemeMartin 2014/08/22 08:14:10 AM
Oh please, here we go again. Anything less than a 6 is pretty small. These idiots who scream that the world is ending when there's a baby tremor are all morons!
Michelle Bezuidenhout807 2014/08/22 08:27:32 AM
While watching Teen Wolf back to back at round about 01H00 heard a big bang in the hallway, just thought it was the puppies playing and running into the hallway closet and when my husband went to check if they got hurt, there were no puppies playing, they were asleep and we even thought there was someone on the roof because we heard the roof tiles chafing against eacother, guess now we know what the strangeness was, an earthquake. Just couldn't feel it because we were sitting on the living room chairs.
Samantha-Leigh Jacobs 2014/08/22 08:36:52 AM
I didn't feel it, but the last one Wich stretched over the whole of south Africa was pretty freaky!!!! All children as well as adults are afraid for their lives and we all think that the real earthquacke is still on its way!! - Samantha!!*
Vuyo Sigidi 2014/08/22 09:08:07 AM
Hey also heard it was about 1:17...was busy browsing my phone but there was no harm it took abt 30 sec...Luvuyo Sigidi ..Tokoza Pola park Ekurhuleni
Valerie De Freitas 2014/08/22 09:50:36 AM
Missed this one. Wondered why I woke up so abrubtly
Stacey Tyrelle Miller 2014/08/22 10:43:00 AM
I was fast asleep when it came but I definitely felt it, it was around 1.19 when I felt it. In Ennerdale
Zach Mashinini 2014/08/22 11:08:35 AM
The two (risen) mermaids from the fire pool are homesick and hot under the collar.