God defines you

One of the greatest gifts that God has given us is the ability to comprehend life and to think for ourselves.

Life becomes simple when you know who defines you (God defines you), who you are (Character), what do you want (Dreams, Passion and Vision), who do you want (Life partners and friends).

One thing is for sure, I give thanks to my late mother. She showed me the importance of a good heart and taught me how to love by demonstrating it and leading by example, not only to me but to her entire family.

I am sure we all have that one person in our family that keeps the family together and leads by example and always brings order and peace

Who define you? When God defines you, nothing becomes impossible to achieve. God give us grace and favor not because we deserve it but because he is God and he loved us even before we were created.

What you have achieved or not achieved doesn’t make God love you more or less. Who you are, your character does.

One of the most highly important thing in life is having a character, character is your persona, what you stand for and what you fall for, your principles, integrity, and your inner greatest, your loving heart, your inner honesty, your inner spirit, all this makes up your character and one has to know what character to feed or not to feed.

What do you want (Dreams, Passions and Visions) and knowing what you want in life makes life’s journey easier to travel because your life has purpose, passion and vision and through that you find determination and persistence to travel the journey of life and that makes life worth living.

Life without passion is boring. Till date I still get excited and a nervous feeling when I am pitching a concept to a client. I love that passion and I use to have the same feeling before I perform on stage as a dancer.

Who do you want? (Life partner and friends). Life becomes so much easier when you know who you want to spend time with and who your real friends are.

Your life partners should be your friend, best friend, confidant, your wife and mother of your children. One of the greatest gifts in life it getting that right.

Good friends are important; they add value to your life, spiritually and emotionally. Some friends are for a life time and others are for a moment in your life. Please make sure you know how to differentiate life time friend from moment friend and I guarantee you that you will have no drama.

There is sermon from TD Jakes called “Three types of friends”. He categorizes friends as Confident, Constituent, and Comrades and encourages us to know the difference.

Two sum up why I called this “God defines you” is that sometimes we are more concerned about the things we have and want to achieve, our failures and our success. We often let this define us rather than letting God, our creator defines our lives.

Don’t make your dreams and aspirations for tomorrow define who you are today. By doing this you lose who you are and crossing the line (integrity and principles) becomes easier to do because your dreams and aspirations define you and not God.

You’re truly, Charles J Mukembe, Men on God, Husband, Philosopher, Founder of MMM-MUKEMBE MARKETING &MEDIA and Sales & Managing Director of Good Night Drink South Africa. @MMMMUKEMBE

Wehr Wulf 2014/08/12 01:03:47 PM
Which god? I don't want to upset the wrong god.
Bryan Staind 2014/08/12 01:07:14 PM
Which god?
CyberMatix 2014/08/12 01:14:01 PM
Toby, is this you?
Alex Bax 2014/08/12 01:17:12 PM
A good question "Which God?" After all the first commandment tells us that there are other Gods.
Enzo Ball 2014/08/12 01:40:19 PM
I am sure you have a good and comfortable life and would like to credit this to god. What stands in stark contrast though are the millions and millions of sick and hungry children scattered across the world whose plights to this same god remains unanswered. If anything, you come across as a smug, who really just feels good about himself and wants to share a bit of that. Your joy is certainly not representative of god’s children on earth whose daily struggle is to stay alive, let alone “define” themselves.
Rocco van Niekerk 2014/08/12 02:10:34 PM
Why do atheists always feel the need to suppress the freedom of speech of individuals who share the same free country who allow them to practice their non religious religion. You may believe there are no gods, or you may believe there are many gods, (and there probably are). We honestly don't care, why do you care if we believe that there ARE a one true God? we are not trying to suffocate you with our religion, please stop suffocating us with yours...
Johnny B Goode 2014/08/12 02:22:19 PM
"Who define you? When God defines you, nothing becomes impossible to achieve." That is such a weak statement and extremely selfish. You may have it good, but there are believers in other parts of the world that die of starvation, are being systematically wiped out and in general were just born in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are truly a philosopher, then think on what makes you more worthy of a good life sanctioned by god in his infinite wisdom as opposed to being a somali child still alive being torn apart by vultures?
Balstrome 2014/08/12 02:23:18 PM
//When God defines you, nothing becomes impossible to achieve// The reason I can not achieve unpowered human flight is because I am an atheist.
Johnny B Goode 2014/08/12 02:25:26 PM
Come Mr philosopher, chew on this little nugget: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? Epicurus
Chris May 2014/08/12 02:29:43 PM
I put it to you that we define god, not the other way around.