'Ground not stable near Stilfontein Clinic'

Obviously the ground is not very stable where the Stilfontein Clinic is situated.

I stayed in the flats that use to be next to this same clinic and collapsed with the quake on 5 Marched 2014 and were eventually demolished.

We lost most of our belongings including our flat we were staying in.

Now again 9 years later the clinic walls are torn apart which use to be next to our flats.

Yesterday's experience brought up horrible memories with more damage and I can't stop wondering if the mining activity plays a big role in these two earth quakes including this one on 5 August 2014 and if Stilfontein would be so lucky to survive another quake with all the structural damage already caused by the quakes and mining activities.

I am definitely moving out of this area!

Werner Keyser 2014/08/06 08:54:16 AM
On "5 Marched 2014" you say.
RabbleRouser 2014/08/06 09:09:45 AM
It is extremely unlikely that yesterday's earthquake was caused by mining activity. Mining activity is so small in comparison to the larger bulk of the Earth. A 5.5 magnitude earthquake is seismic event which is not caused by mining. There are 500,000 earthquakes recorded every year and they occur all over the world.
Terry Mulvey 2015/02/28 02:52:22 AM
Is that the flats opposite the rugby field my mates sons lived in there Brett strange ??