Hamas is for the Israeli Jews

Just a few days into the recent Gaza drama when a staggering 100 Palestinians was killed. Egypt quickly arranged a ceasefire.
This was completely ignored by Hamas, Now we have over 1400 killed and still we have nobody begging for the shelling to stop.
Who cares how many Palestinians get killed Hamas is saying.
If we can shoot a meaningless missile into the air with knowledge that the "Iron Drone" will take the rocket out. Why shoot it in the first place?
If there is a 100% guarantee that Israel will retaliate, why provoke ?
If  Hamas wanted an end to Israeli military rule in the Westbank and now Gaza, then surely a more passive approach is needed.
If tough times are real, The Israeli's have now been given plenty reason to increase their military power.
If the Hamas entities had logical understanding, they would have taken a more passive approach, The less resistance, the less need for Israel to keep their Military so strong.
This war is a total load of rubbish, 
The Hamas army is a delinquent religious mess,
How many Palestinians must cringe when they see a rocket getting shot from Gaza, I mean, we all know what will happen in return.
I cannot believe that Hamas has any care for their fellow Palestinians.
If i were leading Hamas, I would go on my knees and ask Israel to please stop fighting, I would surrender for the sake of my people.
This will grant them international sympathy, 
Any religion that justifies killing is a sad tale of real matters all mixed up.
The world is blinded.
Kobus Otto 2014/08/05 09:11:43 AM
I agree fully with your take. Hamas, as proclaimed by them, has no interest in any peaceful settlement, bar the destruction of the Israeli state. I am no fan of the Jews, but the greater Middle East mess is indicative of the hatred and vile spewed out but these various groups. And make no mistake...the ultimate goal of each of these Arab groups (ie the Sunni's & Shia's) are to totally destroy; each other. There is no democracy at play, there are no innocent victims either. The so-called Arab Spring only gave rise to another set of dictator-ships.
Stephen Michael661 2014/08/05 09:31:58 AM
You do know that people were being killed and treated sub human in the area exactly as they do now far before Hamas was around? Sometimes after decades of occupation a "passive approach" is clearly not going to work. Just ask Nelson Mandela.
bilo21 2014/08/05 09:46:36 AM
Fatah are on their knees begging Israel, so far the only things they've received in return are humiliating searches, an Apartheid wall, illegal detentions, homes bulldozed, olive trees uprooted, restriction of travelling, no return of refugees, Jews only roads, denial of their very existence and even more land stolen from them via the continuing settlements. What generous 'hosts' the Israelis are!
FatherChristmasConscience 2014/08/05 09:49:54 AM
'Why shoot it in the first place?' Rockets that are launched by Palestinians cost ~$1000. Rockets, which are the part of Iron Dome and intercept those sent from Gaza cost ~$100000. That's why they keep shooting.
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/05 09:54:11 AM
Hamas is to blame for this calamity, again. It is blinded by its hateful ideology to destroy a country that is frankly going nowhere because no-one can make it go anywhere. This fact being known, why do they persist in provoking the bear? Even fellow Arab states have had enough of the pain and suffering Hamas is causing to its people.