Hippopotamus menace to the farmers along the lake region

Farmers long Lake Victoria regions in Kisumu County, Nduru Beach are crying fault over the constant loss caused by the Hippopotamus to their crops.

The animals which break in to the firms at night are said to be stepping and also eat up the crops leaving the farmers with very little to count on during harvesting time.

According to Mzee Samuel Omoro Waga, one of the farmers in the region, He lamented that their harvest has been bellow their expectation for a long period of time due to constant raid by the animals. “Our harvest has been greatly reduced due to the Hippopotamus which break in to our firms and destroy our crops.” said Mzee Omoro.

He added that, despite of the animals’ wild nature, they (farmers) are forced to spend a cold sleepless night in their farms guarding their firms from the animals.

The farmers are trying also to manage the problem by digging the dikes a round their farms and also fencing to prevent the animals from getting in to the farms, Even though it is doing little in barring the aquatic animals from getting in their plantation.

However, area local Chief Mr. Charles Ondiek Abuto urged the farmers to keep 100 meters distance from the lake to give space for the animals to graze, as this will reduce the chances of the Hippopotamus grazing in to their firms. “Farmers should ensure that they keep the distance of 100 meters from the lake for the animals, as according to the law.” Chief Abuto said.

However, the Chief’s measure was challenged by Antony Lang’o, one of the farmers who said that they are complying with that Law even though it is in vain, as the animals goes as far up to their homes, and also destroy their garden crops.

The farmers urged for the Government intervention to come up with a lasting solution in curbing the menace to their crops, rather then letting them go at a preventable loss more so at this hard time of economy.

Satis Dictum 2014/08/21 07:07:37 AM
Plant crops next to the lake for the hippo, then she wont come onto your farmlands.
Rammsteen 2014/08/21 07:25:10 AM
You'd think that if the hippo's could speak, they'd say just the same about humans encroaching on their habitat.
Annette 2014/08/21 07:39:40 AM
It is the humans who do not belong in the Hippo Territory! stop the encroachment, and stop breeding so much yourselves !
Janette Marais 2014/08/21 07:44:04 AM
You are on their land and the Hippos where there first. 100m should be 10Kms to allow the Hippos grazing areas. They have the right to food just as much as you do. The world can not only be about what we want , but what we should do to protect what little is left of our wild heritage. Africa is becoming a sad place, we are destroying everything which we should be protecting.