Hoot Against e-Toll's

Gauteng Motorists are becoming familiar with the Bridge Crews against e-Tolls and the “HOOT AGAINST e-TOLLS” campaign. These Crews  have been established by concerned citizens with Banners being sponsored by Private Companies and Individuals. Familiar Bridges are Beyers Naude, Ontdekkers, Kliprivier, Linksfield, Modderfontein, Cydonia and Jet Park.

It is each and every South African’s right to hold ‘Peaceful’ demonstrations as contained in our Constitution (the very foundation of South Africa is built of Demonstration and Protest) These rights are the little we have to fight this SCOURGE.

 Recently JMPD have been on a campaign and have been intimidating these Bridge Brigades and confiscating Banners. There confiscation is tantamount to THEFT and there intimidation illegal. What happened to ‘Serve and Protect’ or are we fast becoming a Police State.

Gauteng support your Bridge Crews and HOOT when you see them ... With or without Banners they will be on the Bridges !!!!

Chris May 2014/09/04 11:51:45 AM
I'm nowhere near a bridge, but here's a hoot
Amos Quito 2014/09/04 11:54:40 AM
110% Support for you folks. The good news is that its getting warmer for you folks in the mornings :-) Maybe that's why the cops are more active, slithering out from under the rocks and from behind bushes earlier as the weather get warmer
Hagen Boesenberg 2014/09/04 12:10:22 PM
The JMPD is very bold and tough when they intimidate peaceful protesters, but run away when they see REAL criminals - one has to wonder why we allow this, seeing that we are paying their salaries - a revolt is not to be excluded - maybe one of them should be beaten to a pulp again, as happened when they pushed their luck with Bees, the rugby player
Joan Potgieter Bousfield 2014/09/04 12:13:15 PM
Will never be tagged, and will stand on the bridges as long as e-tolls are around......
Monique Anne Gordon 2014/09/04 12:13:39 PM
I'm against E-Tolls, but how do people actually get all this time off work? Doesn't anybody work anymore???
Charmaine Stockdale 2014/09/04 12:20:06 PM
WE will fight for our Rights and Stand up for our beliefs... They will not take us down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Boerboel Hallott 2014/09/04 01:19:32 PM
We will continue this form of protest until they wake up and do away with etolls.
Louis Scheepers 2014/09/04 01:32:30 PM
The Hell with Etolls, The Hell With the JMPD.... They are all a Bunch of Useless Criminals! ITs TIME for US the Public to Stand up and STOP them!! NOW!!!
Thembela Maqungo 2014/09/04 01:35:22 PM
We will fight on until the end which is near. tag free gauteng.
Andre Smit 2014/09/04 02:43:38 PM
They never asked us if we wanted e-tolls in Gauteng. So I say let our cars be our voices and lets hoot them out of Gauteng.