How long must white people suffer?

Living in Alberton has taught me there is more to life than what I had perceived it to be – one major lesson I learned being, ‘suffering is relative’.

While society clearly understands the suffering of black people, we should be concerned about how local government, through its lack of implementing its policies or in some cases poor planning, continues to lessen the value of beautiful towns such as Alberton.

Thinking of the destroyed statue at the Alberton Boulevard, after a truck crashed into the iconic statue, and the Swartkoppies Bridge, one has to question government’s commitment to deliver quality services.

While others may be too quick to point out the suffering of black people, allow me to say – I am fully aware of that suffering and the extent in which they had to endure the pain. What I am addressing is the failure to encourage patriotism among the white community. It is as though we failed to uphold the legacy of Mandela.

South Africa did not become a free country so we could ‘oppress’ others. Whether we would like to admit it or not, poor services and denying white people their sense of belonging is a form of oppression.

It is what is seen as a little thing such as replacing a historic statue and failure to rebuild the bridge after countless promises were made that makes people lose hope – it is what makes them feel they are made to ‘suffer’. Granted, this suffering cannot be compared to that of what black people had to endure.

Every South African deserves to have a sense of belonging, irrespective of colour or background – we need to realise that we are all South Africans.

A black man needs to realise that his freedom means nothing if a white man’s life has become devalued in some way, as the Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Mondli Gungubele would say, “Our aim is to make sure we provide equal services to everyone, we do not do so by lessening the standard of living in Alberton, but we continue to strive towards improving the lives of those in townships.”

When we speak of equality, we should not seek vengeance – rather a system that allows us to instil hope in all society, because as South Africans… we deserve better!

Louis Scholtz 2014/08/17 08:07:20 PM
Here we go again...
John Mustart 2014/08/17 08:54:55 PM
Well said Malcolm. we all need each other. We have a great country. Let us respect and love one another. This will unite us and then God will bless this country.
Tony van Niekerk 2014/08/17 09:23:38 PM
Dear Malcolm. Thanks you for the words. Well spoken. Firstly, please ignore the negative comments from all sides of the spectrum. Those are from people who would like to continue discrimination in whatever form suits their agenda. The vast majority of South Africa agrees with you and would like to see a successful country where everyone lives a decent life and has equal opportunities. Remember the Rugby World Cup and the Soccer World Cup, where we all celebrated South Africa's success, together. That is the South Africa that the majority of South Africa wants. We need to stand together against the majority who wants to create division.
Ras Jah Moolka Selassie 2014/08/17 09:38:19 PM
@Malcom, point taken, but the only obstacle that is making things hard n making other races to be outlined, its Shower and the ruling party, their intentions is to pay revenge on whites, now this country will never go forward cause people who are in charge lack leadership skills, they are living in Shaka's days, when we encourage love n piece amongst south africans,they push Nepotism, colourism, racism n revenge, instead of pushing for better life for all, they start blamming apartheid of which it has nothing to do with their failer of working for people, therefore as long as that man is still there, this country is in trouble.
Maarten Slabbert063 2014/08/17 10:49:02 PM
Ahh, the thought police is out in force again tonight I see. Anything too close to the truth gets removed very quickly. Well Mr Moderator.... Lets see wether I can keep you busy... Dear Author, My sincere commiserations. You will have to put up with all kinds of name calling for daring to suggest that whites want to be part of the new South Africa. For having the audacity to sound reasonable.
Justanother Numty 2014/08/18 12:02:21 AM
Well done Malcolm! Now could you please get your article published in all the other official languages so that yours can be an example to literally millions that voted once again for mediocrity. Even worse, a million people who allowed someone disgraced from the ruling party and facing criminal prosecution, now has his own legitimate political party. This is the greatest clear cut message to hopelessness to anyone who values integrity, decency, and community. The majority is currently being judged by the calibre of the leaders that they have chosen. I am sorry, but this is hardening hearts and creating more racism than any other factor. When oh when will the majority chose a LEADER of integrity?
Chris Barton 2014/08/18 12:16:30 AM
Well, blacks generally have a different set of values to that of European South Africans. We have different and incompatible cultures. Europeans generally place a higher premium on their environment whereas blacks generally don't. Blacks like to mimic whites because they want to be like them. They generally want things just for the sake of wanting things. They have no notion of the concept of "property" and never will. They are a feckless people.
Tlhalefo Ta-roja Modiko 2014/08/18 07:52:37 PM
nice piece but your title is a bit out