How well do you dress?

According to Eastern medicine principles, the body uses energy (chi, ki or prana) to function and stay alive. According to Western medicine (science) the body uses biochemical reactions to function and stay alive. Neither is wrong nor right; just different angles of approach, specifically when it is related to healing.

When it comes to our health we are ultimately responsible for our OWN wellbeing. In Natural Healing we believe that the moment our energy (chi, ki,prana) is of balance, disease will manifest. Therefore if we want to be healthy we need to look after ourselves. We cannot blame others for our illnesses or expect others to “fix” us when we are falling apart. If we want to take the natural route then we can make use of a very easy acronym to check if our health is in balance. It is called DRESS.

By using this acronym, we can perform a checklist to see where we need to do some changes. The acronym stands for:
Stress – external and/or internal

We first need to look at our Diet. Sometimes we think we are eating healthy due to the lack of knowledge of not realising that all food is not necessarily good for everybody. Dr Peter D’Adamo did a huge amount of research on how food is being absorbed by the different blood groups. According to Dr D’Adamo the substances (antigens) in food has certain reactions in the different blood types and specifically in the way food is being absorbed. I do not think his diet is the ultimate answer to all health problems, but it could be used as guidance.

If our diet is perfect but our health is not, then we need to look at how much Rest we are getting. We all need about 7 – 8 hours of sleep per night, sometimes even more. Did you know that more people are in need of rest than exercise?

If we do get enough rest, then we can check how much Exercise we are getting. The different personalities or body types do better with certain exercises than others. Thirty minutes of exercise two to three times per week is enough to elevate our heart rate to a point where we perspire lightly and this is adequate for most people.

If we exercise enough and still need to find balance in our health, we need to look at our Stress levels. Sometimes stress is caused by external factors from the environment. This could be toxins such as pollution, smoking, drinking or a bad diet. Even noise can be a pollutant. However, most stress is caused by our internal dialogue. When we believe our irrational thoughts as the truth, we create suffering. This will then manifest as disease later on in the body. We can get help from coaching, counselling, psychotherapy or holistic therapies. Yoga, Reiki and meditation can be of great benefit as well.

Supplements are the last to check on the list. If we have completed all of the above, only then can we assist the body with natural or even chemical supplementation (medication) if necessary. If we are interested in going about the most natural way then this should be really the last resort to consider for healing. Allopathic medicine often uses medication as the entry point for treatment.

So, next time when you get dressed, think about HOW you DRESS. It could change your life.

Irukandji 2014/07/31 10:38:27 AM
Chi, Ki and Prana. The three children of the Tokkeloshe. Charlatans, Snake-oil salesmen, and Sangomas. Allopathic medicine. Reiki. There's one born every minute, isn't there, Heine?.
Nobby Poltice 2014/07/31 10:41:59 AM
I disagree. You have got it all wrong. We must heal ourselves and synergize others. Imagine a redefining of what could be. Eons from now, we adventurers will heal like never before as we are guided by the solar system. Humankind has nothing to lose. We are in the midst of an advanced awakening of being that will open up the planet itself. Reality has always been electrified with pilgrims whose souls are immersed in truth. Who are we? Where on the great journey will we be recreated? We are at a crossroads of energy and greed. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the nexus via molecular structures. Through aromatherapy, our lives are enveloped in freedom. It is time to take karma to the next level. It is a sign of things to come. We must learn how to lead high-frequency lives in the face of ego. Flow is the growth of grace, and of us. This life is nothing short of a refining rebirth of ethereal purpose. To traverse the quest is to become one with it.
Sunette Smit 2014/07/31 10:43:05 AM
I dress very simply. We live on a farm, I need to get dirty everyday. My work is never done. Need to go milk the cows now.
Siebert Mazus 2014/07/31 10:46:45 AM
He-he-he You mentioned Peter D'Adamo Featured in the Encyclopedia of American Loons.
Guy M Artist 2014/07/31 11:00:01 AM
Batsnot is batsnot, next you will be prosletysing the healing power of water with memory. Just figured a way to drunk really cheap. take a drop of brannewyn, drop it into a glass of water and dilute it 10 x 10 x 10 and you will get vrot so fast you won't know what hit you. Seriously Reiki nearly killed my wife. Keto Acidosis and a week in hospital because of some loon's "healing energies" If I could use the F word here I'd tell you just how little respect I have for this bollox and your belief system. just know that it is infinitesimal in nature, diluted 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 and even more. Banning of these snake oil practices is not enough, They should take one you and shoot them on the steps of the union building every day.
Dan Dadog947 2014/07/31 12:30:57 PM
Heine, you are so confused. You are going to lose your membership from the SA attie-club
AntiThesis 2014/07/31 02:32:45 PM
I for one am glad that people like Heine is writing these articles, since it created awareness of his (and all) brands of alternative mumbo-jumbo, pseudo scientific claptrap, and all other forms of harmful nonsense. So keep it up Heine. In fact, tell us more about what Reiki is used for and how you takes people's money in return for this nonsense.