I am really disappointed in Pallo Jordan!...

I'm really dismally disappointed in what I started reading on news24 about the academic records of Dr Pallo Jordan if what the Sunday Times' story is true.

You know this new revelations start to make me believe more on the honesty and integrity of President Jacob Zuma as we all know he has never accoladed himself with any qualifications he does not have and on the issue of been a polygamist.

Most of our self-righteous leaders are always caught with their pants down in affairs with married wives and this I really salute you Msholozi and think the Emeritus Bishop Tutu will come to change his judgement on your character as I  had always maintained that there were people who did not really want you to be the President of this country because of your abilities as a true African leader and not because faked educational qualifications. 

I am saying this with all the positivity that is the in the book of honesty. Our previous President Thabo Mbeki alienated the West with his African Agenda, African Renaissance and Nepad and what did that cause the country?

Unemployment, poverty and lack of Foreign Direct Investments and our beloved President is today been blamed for all this not forgetting the inequalities created by Mbeki with GEAR and BEE.

JZ as true African leader he does not point fingers but pick the baton went to USA Congress and presented our case showing foresight and interest in the plight of the majority of our people who are leaving in the trenches. 

Vusumuzi Shongwe in MMabatho writing this in personnal capacity.     
Maberry Maluk'z Vongz 2014/08/11 08:24:26 AM
:/ i though this article was about pallo
Niekie van Heerden 2014/08/11 08:26:04 AM
Vusumuzi, Zuma had sex with one of his friends' young daughter. He lied by saying he didn't know about the upgrades and costs to his Nkandla, so NO, he is no better that the rest! Not by a long shot!
Dean Heylen 2014/08/11 08:30:19 AM
The grammar in this article leaves much to be desired...
Maxwell Xubius 2014/08/11 08:41:29 AM
Really? Take your head out of the sand.
Mnqobi Ngcobo 2014/08/11 08:44:03 AM
Good one Vusimuzi. Thanks for an unbiased and well-articulated article, boet.
FanieBrink5 2014/08/11 09:05:22 AM
What else could you have expected from an Indian????
Nyakanyaka Nyakanyaka 2014/08/11 09:10:19 AM
@vusmzi. Ur still a young blind jerk n pls go n play with ya creche friends........
JMaree 2014/08/11 09:18:58 AM
What???? Wasn't he caught sleeping (accused of rape) with his friend's HIV positive daughter, taking a shower afterwards to combat AIDS? Talk about caught with his pants down! Stealing and diverting R250m from inner city youth projects to build his own private house! You think someone doing THAT has a good character? You should really aim higher...
Danie Posthumus 2014/08/11 09:20:21 AM
What 'abilities' are you talking about? Your beloved president is a mampara.
Tinyiko Cyril 2014/08/11 09:22:41 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, the greatest teacher ever to grace our shores was on hand to rescue this woman about to be stoned about her misdeeds and the Master asked anyone who was blameless to cast the first stone. Nobody came forward and that's how this woman was rescued. My President indeed your honesty is your stronger points and that's the reason God enthroned u and glory be to God for u. Ther's no way u cannot be vindicated.