I am tired of being a good man

I am at a stage in my life where I analyze everything, the good, the great and the Godly.  One thing is for sure, I just don’t want to be a “Good man”.

In our generation we all aspire to be “Good men”, many people have their own definitions of what a good man is i.e. someone who is educated, as a job, a car and who can  provide for his family .

As I search within it has become one of my goals as a man, to leave a legacy or should I say “wealth” for my children but it hit me this year that there is more to life than just leaving “wealth” for your children. A Men who only leaves   “wealth “ for his  children  without taking care of their souls, values and principles  is not a Godly man and he might as well not leave anything for his children because he has already robbed his kids of so much more.

I just want to be a “Great Godly man” in these times we live in. When women talk they say “there are no good men left” and this is maybe because we Men have failed to be “Great Godly men”. Men have settled to be just “Good men” and we have become comfortable with Good, Well maybe Good is just not Good enough.

I believe that if we aim to be “Great Godly men”, we can change our families, Communities, societies and even generations to come.

By aiming to be a “Great Godly man”, we become accountable for not only our action but for our families, friends, communities and societies therefore we should live by example.

I just don’t want to be a “Good man”, I want to be a “Great Godly man”. I want to be A man of principle, A Man who will take responsibility for his action, A Man who will respect every man and woman, A Man who will cherish his wife and Family, A Man who will lead his family to the kingdom of God, A Man who will protect and serve his family, A man who will fear God above all, A Men who  is not afraid to show his emotion , A man who will teach his children about God, A Men who will love and cherish his children.

I want to be such a blessing to my children that someday another man will say “I want my daughter to marry that man’s son because I know that man will impart God’s word in his son”

How many of us men out there are afraid of be fathers in this generation where there are so few Godly men because personally I want my daughter to marry a Great Godly man. However although I want her to marry a Godly man, I want to be the first example of what a Godly man is like to my daughter.

My prayer to every man out there is that as we pursue success, let us also pursue Godliness because by doing that we can change the next generations of men and we can be greater men, husbands ,brothers, friends, business men and leaders.

Let us not be pleased when we are called “Good men”, rather let us challenge ourselves by wanting to be call “Great Godly men. Our generation already lack “Great Godly men” therefore it is  up to us to change that because our actions will affect the next  generations due to the kind of Men we choose to be, “Good men” or “Great Godly men”? 

Thank you

Charles  J Mukembe

Guillaume van der Westhuizen 2014/08/13 02:20:30 PM
If you say 'godly' 2 more times, that's 46 godlies in this godly rhyme...
Reality 2014/08/13 02:24:08 PM
> My prayer to every man out there is that as we pursue success.. Actually prayers are totally useless..so don't bother praying.
DamnTheMan 2014/08/13 02:43:44 PM
"I just want to be a “Great Godly man” in these times we live in." Oh my sack. Have you read the buy bull? All sexism is comes directly from the buy bull and know you want to use it to be a good man. Good luck with that. Will you let a woman have authority over you? See you in hell buddy.
Franco 2014/08/13 02:59:58 PM
To be godly I would have to condone slavery, denigrate women, commit genocide, hate homosexuality and do nothing when children are molested. Naah, I would rather be ungodly.
Johnny B Goode 2014/08/13 03:11:51 PM
A good man would have sent me a case of GNDSA by now, a great godly man chooses to be stingy.
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/13 03:13:57 PM
It's all gibberish since there is no god or souls. But you keep believing your nonsense. Clearly your crazy is too far gone.
Calvyn Greyling 2014/08/13 03:25:03 PM
Personally I want my daughters to marry a good atheist. Probably no chance of that,indoctrination being at an advanced stage....
Anthony De Lucchi 2014/08/13 04:23:26 PM
Thanks this is a very inspiring message
John Greystoke 2014/08/13 04:37:00 PM
I don't read articles from this writer, only the comments. Looks like he wrote a lot of cr#p again!
Nom Deplume 2014/08/13 04:54:14 PM
You cannot pursue both God and worldly success. Either pursue God or worldy success. Choose ye this day whom you will serve...