Is Freedom Park just another white elephant?

I would like to bring the following to your attention:

My husband and I visited Freedom Park in Pretoria yesterday (Sunday) and was absolutely disappointed with what we found there.

The place was so quiet that we were the only visitors at the outside museum in over 2 hours (this was around midday).

Furthermore, maintenance is non-existent. The flame at the "eternal flame" was off (the security told us they were waiting for gas) and the fountains at that building also did not work.

There was a hosepipe feeding water into the flat water fountain area ???

We then proceeded further and found unfinished electrical fittings (dangerous) with wires hanging out of the wall.

There was more electrical fitting problems at the "hot stone" area (not sure what the correct name is).

Then the cherry on top was - my husband went to the gents toilets and there was no water in the toilets or in the taps !!! By contrast we went to the Voortrekker museum and everything was in working order and people were braaiing and having picnics all around the museum.

Is Freedom Park just another white elephant or simply a waste of taxpayers' money?

*Note: This is a letter to the editor e-mailed to News24.
JBones 2014/08/04 05:02:42 PM
I think we must 1st define who was previously not - free and now has freedom
Irukandji 2014/08/04 05:12:20 PM
Blame it on apartheid.
Wehr Wulf 2014/08/04 05:35:52 PM
Eish, she's not wekking.
Thomas Freeman 2014/08/04 06:03:25 PM
The Freedom Park is big propaganda joke. I took some Aussi friends there and the first thing they commented on is the amount of paid car guards doing absolutely nothing. As well as numerous bored officials also being paid for cleaning their finger nails. And then of course the ANC propaganda is nauseating. Apparently according to them Bantu people were in the Cape when Jan Van Riebeeck arrived in 1652 and the evil whiteman made them work on mines, farms and in towns when all they wanted to do was sit and watch their many wives toil on the lands. From being critical of SA whites after two weeks in SA they began to understand the heavy cross the whiteman had to bear in SA over the ages in attempting to carry a stone age culture into the modern era.
Nobby Poltice 2014/08/04 06:25:23 PM
This soutie and his family visited the Voortrekker Monument recently and was pleasantly surprised by the maintenance and very obvious investment made by the government to improve facilities. Many of the visitors were obvious foreigners. The government has obviously lost interest in freedom. They took their cut out of the investment and ran.
Mark Windsor 2014/08/04 06:47:08 PM
I've been away for a while. What and where is "Freedom Park"?
sxp 2014/08/04 08:32:51 PM
White elephant and a great waste of taxpayers money!! Yes. Imagine how much the regime spends on it and all the people who work there, all ANC okes of course.