Julius Malema: The Monk who bought his Ferrari by Lesego Setou

I used to think taxi drivers can get one mad, until Jacob Zuma became President and Julius Malema started talking to the respectable Thabo Mbeki like he is talking to a man who is stealing his girlfriend. I have respect for Jacob Zuma as a person but I don’t respect him as a leader but it’s not JZ I want to tackle today its Juju.

Julius Malema is a disrespectful, emotionally unintelligent man with an ego the size of Asia and amnesia the size Jupiter. I really at times think I missed my calling because I really would have done a master’s thesis on the psychology of someone who votes for the ANC in the 21st century and a doctorate on the psychology of someone who votes for a party like the EFF.

I have been observing the barbaric behaviour displayed by EFF in many forms and in my mind, thought, if the EFF are saying they are representing the so called blue collar workers, wearing overalls as a way of identifying with this category which for me is demeaning in its own right, does EFF think blue collar workers are barbaric. For me wearing overalls to identify with me is as demeaning as the time Tokyo Sexwale made a publicity stunt by sleeping in a shack as a way to get a feel for the situation, really, like he grew up in Houghton or as rotten as having a black maid and thinking you care for black people, it’s a twisted condescending way of identifying with people.

These barbaric acts by EFF have sure got me hot under the collar but I seem not to be able to get over Julius saying pay back the money. When I listened to him say this, I thought he is either on a serious concoction of nyaope and cocaine or he has a type A chronic amnesia. I mean Julius stole everything from Limpopo, the Province from which he originates, what he did in Limpopo is as good as stealing from your relatives; and now he has the strength and guts to say JZ must pay back the money.

Can the lid of a pot go around calling the  pot black, I said. Julius and Jacob should both make payments arrangements to pay back our money, they are both corrupt, with no integrity and none honestly qualifies to talk bad about another. And while we are on the Julius Malema subject why does he only feel the need to wear overalls in parliament, if he is a serious overall ambassador he should wear overalls all the time and give his designer clothes to charity.

It is indeed a sad day in politics and truly a looming recession in leadership when people start thinking of EFF as party of choice and Julius Malema as leader respectively. I don’t know how South Africans think, we vote for a corrupt President and expect a corruption free government, now we have elected a barbaric embezzler and get surprised when people act barbaric when they protest.

I will never be swayed by anything Julius says, authenticity is key for any leader and Julius’s words and actions are in a serious misalignment.

Justanother Numty 2014/08/26 09:28:20 AM
Authenticity does not even qualify as a quality of a leader. Could we please start with integrity?
Isabel Bezuidenhoudt 2014/08/26 09:31:26 AM
Bravo, Lesego! What an excellent and truthful summary of the drama that is called Julius Malema and his obvious power-hungry and demented antics. I salute you!
RabbleRouser 2014/08/26 09:40:47 AM
I don't have any respect for Jacob Zuma. He is a dirty rotten scoundrel. He is a corrupt and thieving liar and is only in it for one thing - to extract as many benefits through his office as possible. He is not serving the country. He is just feathering his own nest and that of his cronies and lackeys who are just as crooked. At the same time I do not condone the actions of the EFF or Julius Malema. They are just a bunch of thugs. But at least they did give Parliament a wake up call and illustrated just how dysfunctional it has become. And the speaker is just abysmally appalling. And calling the cops in an attempt to resolve the problems of her own doing is absolutely laughable. What were they supposed to do?
Themba Ndlovu 2014/08/26 09:41:55 AM
Well written
Themba Ndlovu 2014/08/26 09:42:52 AM
Well written. Cry beloved s.a.
Bishop Simon Ntlemo 2014/08/26 10:04:04 AM
At Lesego. Julius has never stolen anything in Limpopo but was freely given by those in charge. How can a person outside government steal government monies?....Please do your research Sir, and write again. Thanks
Johnny B Goode 2014/08/26 10:50:28 AM
"I have respect for Jacob Zuma as a person" Had to stop reading after that.
Hope Ratseke 2014/08/26 11:18:19 AM
Respect for Zuma as a person my foot
No Ohno 2014/08/26 12:23:08 PM
Lesego, no matter what a person is, or is not, or does, or does not, that does not matter, what matters is what do the average public think of that person. And quite a few million people in this country, love Mr Malema. It does not matter that Mr Malema will actually do nothing for the poor, and that all he cares about is what he can get for himself. What matters is what do the people believe. And as long as people believe he is some sort of redeemer or deliverer out of poverty, he will always have an audience. What is guaranteed is dissappointment, unless you are in his inner circle. For the other 50 million people out there, take my advice, to not wait for Mr Malema to take you out of misery, the cavalry is not coming for you, only one person can uplift you, and that is you. Beside your family and friend, none of the other 50 million people care about you, they care only about themselves.
ThabangMaaake 2014/08/26 01:25:33 PM
"a doctorate on the psychology of someone who votes for a party like the EFF." Young man you are not well. Are you questioning the freedom charter which seeks to eradicate poverty? So you might do doctorate on why did Mandela try to liberate black people, in a way you questioning his mental status?